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3X3 Lions & Cats try to go to the Euro’s through Poitiers qualifiers

While our Belgian Cats are absolutely ballin’ out in Prague, beating Italy on its way, our 3X3 Lions and Cats are about to tip-off the FIBA 3X3 Qualifiers in Poitiers. Both teams try to secure a ticket for the big dance, the European Championship in Amsterdam. 

Our men’s teams consists of Loic ‘Lo-Show’ Schwartz, who’s heading to reigning champ Ostend, Maxime Depuydt from Brussels, Stephane Moris from Kangoeroes and 7’0 Amaury Gorgemans from Charleroi. Those ballers need to secure a spot in the top 5, to get a spot in the Euro’s. They are playing Romania at 12 pm and Switzerland at 3 pm.

3X3 Lions

Our female baller squad has Lara Gaspar from Waregem, Emmanuella Mayombo from Castors Braine, Caroline Bourlioux from Liège and Romina Ciappina from Keltern on the team. If they want a shot for the European title, they’ll have to end in the top 6. They will go up against Austria at 2 pm and Ukraine at 5 pm.

The quarter finals will start tomorrow.

Watch the games LIVE via the stream below. Let’s go to the ‘ship! #WeBallin #3X3

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