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3X3 Masters Finals: Christmas Edition

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Dear U13, U15, U18 & 18+ Women teams who qualified for the 3X3 Masters Finals

As you know, we weren’t able to play the 3X3 Masters Finals as planned due to the rain on Saturday July 25th. As true ballers, a lot of players and teams let us know they really want to play, no matter when or where.

We have been looking for a new date and location, talked to a lot of players & clubs and decided to… PLAY THE 3X3 MASTERS FINALS DURING THE CHRISTMAS BREAK!

Here’s why:

  • We couldn’t find any good date/location available in the first 2 weeks of August.
  • 90% of the players are currently training and playing 5X5 in their clubs. We don’t want you to miss club activities, preparation games or cup games with your 5X5 team.
  • There are (almost) no official games planned from 21/12 until 30/12. Perfect time to have some fun on the 3X3-court.

  • What you need to know about the 3X3 Master Finals Christmas Edition:

  • The exact date & location (Antwerp region) will be announced as soon as possible.
  • All teams that qualified (top 2/4 of each tournament), will be re-invited.
  • The same rules apply: you can change max. 2 players from the team that originally qualified.
  • Off course, we’ll play indoor!

  • Let’s do this!

    Full list of teams who will be invited:

  • U13: Hoopsquad, Splashmoney, The ballers, Finger Roll, Strikers, Alley Oops, Team Showtime 2, Shuffled, The nasty ballers, Warriors, Getwood City, The Cavs, The Kings of Basket, BCO Summer Team, Helios U13, The Montois, Skilzzz, Team Showtime, The Young Ballers, Young Rockets, Helios Zottegem, HBBC Boys, Streetballers
  • U15: Euro Step, GreenGang, TTB, Driver Seat, The Monstars, It’s all about buckets, Bucket Team, From Down Town, A-town Ballers, Armenomy, Bavi Ballers, Cleveland, Bball Kings, Green Gang, Shake and Bake, Tomahawk, Shift Team, The Three, Deez Nuts, GSGA, Helios, Junior Dream Team, Alcade
  • U18 Girls: Ballerinas, Belgium National Team, Jordan & co, Young Blood, De Kleppers, De Planten, 3X3 NL Squad Cirkel Klein, L-Stars, Triple Threat
  • U18 Boys: ThiPiSi, GreenGang, Smokin Trees, Excelsior, Playground Masters, QQRT, Teameat, BBC Alley, BCO-ballers, Born-Ballers, Rose before hoes, A-towns Finest, BX Spartians, Team JBK, Team Springschool, AirAfrica, Antwerp, Bounce, Playground Master, The Splash Brothers, Team Farmville, Tres, 3X3 NL Team U18, La Team, White Bullets, A-town’s finest
  • 18+ Women: Trap Queen, Chick Curry, Chicks Got Game, Fantastic Four, Nokia 3310, 32+, Phantoms, 2 hot 2 play ball, Sayameso, Nothing but Nets, Peak Sports, Dope, Duva Diva’s, Fantastic Three, Firegirls, Black Nila, Rocket Power, Fantastic Four, Team Little, Rocketpower, 3X3 NL Mockingjays, 3X3 NL Inglorious Ballers, Taking a break