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BXL Arriiiiiiiiiiiiiiive…

We had a ball in the nation’s capital this year! What to say about the atmosphere, the players, the crowd, the music, …

Before we take a look at some of the splendid pictures, check out the winners.

U13: 1) WEB
U15: 1) Quatro Fam 2) Splash Brothers 3) WEB
U18Boys: 1) Cookies 2) Swish Gang 3) CPTR 4) Fun Guys
U18Girls: 1) Redz  2) Team Gentson 3) Only Once
18+Women: 1) SKW 2) The Air Ballers 3) Les Ginettes 4) Amigas
18+ Recrea: 1) The Pack 2) Speedy MSG 3) Recreationals 4) The Rim Reapers
18+Elite: 1) Team Brussels 2) The Hague 3) Black And White 4) Les Crosseurs de la Street

Team Brussels took the victory in the 18+ Elite category, on their own turf! Alexandre Vercoutere of Team Brussels took home the Bouncewear Slam Dunk Contest trophy. Les Crosseurs de la Street and Team Brussels qualified for the Red Bull Reign Finals!

What a privilege it was once again to ball on the beautiful ‘Muntplein’. 

That’s right momma, did you get that nasty crossover on film? 

We always ballin’ at 3X3 Maaaaaaaasteeeeeeers. 

And after this move, he had the right to yell out ‘AAAND OOOOONE’

Well, that’s an unconventional to defend the basket, but if that works for you … 

Aaaaaall byyyyyyy myyyyyyyseeeeeellllffffffff

Shout out to Belgian Cat Laure Resimont who came to ball and helped her team to victory! 

Nope, he’s not lost. That’s freestyler Soufiane Bencok doing his thing before the crowd!

Did someone get this guy’s autograph? We need it to print on them postersssss… 

Stunning view over the Muntplein by our photographer Serch Carriere.

We had a real dunk-off in the Dunk Contest, check out this one…

But this guy took home the crown; with the Eastbay dunk! 

In the end, Team Brussels came out on top against favorite The Hague. Much to the delight of the crowd…

How about them onions!?

Last Sunday we held the second 3X3 Masters tournament of the year, at the Hopmarkt in Aalst.

Some 30 teams came to ball and we had a blast!

Let’s see who won in their category:

U13: 1) 2Fast2Onion 2) S4Y Rising Stars 3) Ankle Bullies 4) Swish
U15: 1) BBallers 2) Lebronto 3) The Nets 4) Team Swish
U18Boys: 1) Dynamic Trio 2) Sonics 3) Moisty 3.0
U18Girls: 1) Team Gentson 2) The Rookies
18+Women: 1) Team Troela’s 2) Als we winnen… 3) Wolfpack
18+ Recrea: 1) The Rim Reapers 2) Leuven 3) Slow Riders 4) Helios
18+Elite: 1) Team Antwerp 2) KSTBB United 3) La Freestyle Team 4) Squad Zer

Evert Van Eyck (Team Lebronto) crowned himself the Shooting Contest champ in the morning, while Thierry Mariën of Team Antwerp won the shooting contest in the afternoon.

Yona Ray a.k.a. ‘The Hair’ showed out the most hops and was named the Bouncewear Dunk Champion.

Last but not least, La Freestyle Team & KSTBB United earned themselves a spot in the Red Bull Reign Finals!

Now it’s time to check out some of our best snapshots, made by photographer Zander Meys!


DJ Dysfunkshunal providing the beats in Aalst! 

Make sure you capture the game in landscape mode!

“The Hair” floating through “The Air” for the reverse jam! 

Nice shot by our photographer Zander, looking at the game from another perspective! 

Thierry swishing one of his triples, on his way to the 3X3 Shooting Contest crown! 

He for sure got that MJ hangtime going for him!

Meet me at the rim bro! 

Have you ever seen such a cool dude as our 3X3 referee Dennis? 

Well that’s not entirely fair, is it?

Aaaaaaaaand the first one is a wrap!

No less than 60 teams signed up for the 3X3 Masters tournament in Zaventem, which made it arguably the biggest opening tournament of the 3X3 Masters tour ever!

As always, Serch Carriere Images provided the beautiful action pictures, before travelling to Serbia to accompany our Belgian Cats. Check out some of them, below the results:

U13: 1) Los Amigos, 2) Raja Team, 3) SBBK Ballers
U15: 1) True Ballers, 2) New Jersey, 3) GRDT, 4) Boxing Out
U18 Girls: 1) Team Gentson, 2) Redz, 3) Kangoeroes, 4) Flemch
U18 Boys: 1) GSG Academy, 2) Lipton, 3) Unicorn Fam, 4) Jellyfam Anj
18+ Women: 1) Team Belgium, 2) Girls on Fire, 3) 3X3 Academy, 4) Rookies
18+ Recreational: 1) We Coming, 2) Couch Potatoes, 3) 21 Repz, 4) 4 Nations
18+ Elite: 1) Team Antwerp, 2) Antwerp Hotshots, 3) Les Petits Gros, 4) Apollo Antwerp

It was Jilan Lamrini (U18 Boys) who proved that he was the best sniper in the field, winning the shooting contest in the morning.

The Bouncewear Dunk Contest was decided between the big boys and in the end it was big guy Mattias Palinckx (Les Petits Gros) who took home the crown.

Now check out our pics!


Not sure what those two defenders on the left are doing… Are you? 

Does anyone need more proof that being a photographer is a very dangerous job? 

What do you think about that follow-through? Does it go in? 

How to fake out a defender for dummies

Aaaaaargh scream young fella! The sweet taste of victory! 

If you look closely, you will find a rare species of the dab-floater. 

Get that weak stuff out of here!!

Floatin’ it up like Kyrie… well, except the braid. 

You might be a cool guy, but you will never be as cool as our courtmoni’s. 

Team Antwerp took home the 1st prize with the 18+ Elite Men. 


Jingle Balls… Jingle Balls…

3X3 Masters XMAS Edition returned to Park Spoor Noord in 2018 for some basketball!

Our house photographer, Serch Carriere, was in the building to capture some moments for us and, as we like to do, we went out and selected some of the best pics of this year’s edition.

But first, these were the teams who won in their respective categories:

U15: 1) Elite Nation  2) Antwerp Big 3  3) GMDT
U18 Boys: 1) Giants Nation  2) Alpha Gang  3) Shooting Stars
18+ Recreational: 1) Tomy La Morphine  2) LTN Connection 2.0  3) Cereal Killers
18+ Women: 1) The Spartans  2) BBC Deinze (U15)  3) $hoalin
18+ Elite: 1) BlackandWhiteMambas  2) Supahotfire  3) Fresh Air

Milan De Clercq of Falco Gent & Shooting Stars was our proud winner of the NBA 2K Shootout, as he received a brand new Playstation Pro console.

Up to the pictures!


I’ll leave it up to you guys: you think this is a foul or nah? 


When starting a drive to the basket, always attack your defender on his close-out foot: exhibit A. 


They say Christmas time is a time of giving, but my man here is just not that into Christmas I guess! 


Have you seen the newest scoreboards? They come with a human head to check out the game in the best possible way. 


This guy pulled out the rare Nate Robinson jersey. 


When the ref yells out “The floor is lava!”, you gotta improvise! 


When you take a shot like this, you have two options: You either yell out DIRK or KOBE! 


This guy going for the ‘Kareem Abdul-Jabbar hook shot’! 


DJ Dysfunkshunal oversees the playing courts while doing his magic on the decks! 


Sharpshooter Milan took away the Playstation Pro after nailing 9 triples in 30 seconds! 


Finally, also a shout-out for all the ladies who showed up to ball out! You were awesome! 


Overzicht Antwerpen-GroenplaatsThe FIBA 3×3 Europe Cup 2020. That’s the official name for the most prestigious European national team competition in 3×3 basketball, a tournament that will take place in Antwerp in 2020. 3×3 basketball is an ‘ordinary basketball’ variety and is growing in popularity. It will make its debut on the Olympic scene during the 2020 Summer Olympics. 12 teams in the men’s and 12 teams in the women’s competition will battle for European titles on the Groenplaats in Antwerp, only one month before the Tokyo Olympics and exactly a century after the Olympic Games in Antwerp.

3×3 basketball is a sports in which two teams consisting of three players (and a substitute) play each other on a field half the size of a classic basketball game. The pace of the game is extremely high. Both teams try to score in the same basket and the shot clock alarm buzzes after only 12 seconds. The game is over after 10 minutes or when a team has scored 21 points. 3×3 basketball is the ‘urban’ sport par excellence.

“Our Groenplaats already has quite a history as a 3×3 setting, because it has been the décor for an annual 3×3 tournament for different age categories since 2012. In 2020 our city will host the most important 3×3 basketball tournament from all over Europe. With such a major event we profile ourselves as the Urban capital of the Benelux. The atmosphere, the music and the games will make it truly unforgettable”, says Ludo Van Campenhout, Antwerp’s Deputy of Sports.

Antwerp OLV

Marc Verlinden, president of Basketball Flanders, sees the EC in Antwerp as a golden opportunity for basketball in Belgium. “The fact that FIBA assigned us for the FIBA 3×3 Europe Cup 2020 proves that they believe, the same as we do, in Belgian basketball and particularly in our 3×3 project. The last years 3×3 basketball has made huge steps forward and we will keep on investing in its development towards a valued basketball discipline. We definitely aspire a medal during the FIBA 3×3 Europe Cup 2020. And in addition to that we hope to see 3×3 growing further, because a large 3×3 community is essential for the development of this unique discipline.”

In June 2020, Antwerp, the 12 best teams of Europe (12 in the men’s tournament, 12 in the women’s) will give their very best. The exact dates will be announced soon by the International Basketball Federation (FIBA). FIBA organises the EC in cooperation with the Royal Belgian Basketball Federation, Basketball Flanders and Sportizon/Golazo. As host, Belgium is allowed to play in both competitions. And don’t underestimate the little Belgians, because there are many 3×3 talents in our country. The U18 Belgian Lions became World champions in China last year and the U18 Belgian Cats took the European title in Hungary last September.

Sportizon/Golazo, co-organiser of the event, sees the EC in Antwerp as the highlight of a long 3×3 tradition. “Being handed the organisation of the FIBA 3×3 Europe Cup is a recognition for our beliefs in 3×3 basketball as a sport and for the investments all those years to build a fine competition. Sportizon has been organising many 3×3 events all over Belgium since 2007. The city of Antwerp always supported us with that, so having the tournament here makes it extra special”, says Bruno Keustermans from Sportizon.

Vincent Peeters

Alex Sanchez (Managing Director FIBA 3×3) is thrilled about the Europe Cup in Antwerp. “The historic city centre of Antwerp is one of the most beautiful urban backgrounds in FIBA 3×3 history. I am very excited with the EC in such a young and dynamic city, and that only one month before our sport’s Olympic debut.”

Ann Wauters, leading lady of women’s basketball in Belgium, is over the moon with the Europe Cup in her own country. “Playing 3×3 is so much fun: the setting and the music are giving it an instant summer vibe. It is a wonderful discipline and 3×3 definitely has added value for basketball. Organising a Europe Cup will give an extra boost to the further development and popularity of 3×3 in Belgium. And I think we are in the race for silverware. Look at our bronze medal in 2014 or at the golden medals of the U18 boys on the WC and EC last year. And our U18 girls won gold as well on this year’s EC.”

Aaaaaand that’s a wrap!

Last weekend, we finished our 3X3 Masters tour with an incredible doubleheader, meaning the 3X3 Masters Antwerp tournament on saturday and the FINALS BABY on Sunday.

As we do after every tournament, we picked out some great photos, taken by photographer Serch Carriere, to look back and enjoy the beautiful people, basketball, music and weather.

On saturday we had our last qualifier for the Finals. These were the teams who came out on top of the hill:

U13: 1) Game Shakers  2) Ballislife  3) Concrete Lions Pride  4) Hertal Bucks
U15: 1) One Heartbeat  2) Youngbulls  3) Lebronto  4) The Underdogs
U18 Boys: 1) Bucket Team 2) A-Town Ballerz  3) The Playazz  4) ConcreteLionOriginal
U18 Girls: 1) ConcreteLionsBallers  2) Sky High  3) Clem
Wheelchair: 1) The Rolling Dutchies 2) Tukkers On Tour 3) Team R.I.S. 4) Wapper
18+Recreational: 1) Concrete Lions Run 2) NL U18  3) Oranje U18  4) Team KBD
18+ Women: 1) Yokoris Finstars 2) Peak Open Run Poezen 3) Nederland Oranje 4) Snoevers
18+ Elite: 1) El Palo Peak Team 2) NL Black 3) Zagreb Select 4) That’s Wassup

On Sunday of course, we had the 3X3 Masters Finals, where it all went down. These were the teams who crowned themselves 3X3 Champions in their respective categories:

U13: Ball Is Life
U15: Youngbulls
U18 Boys: Team Belgium
U18 Girls: Team Belgium U18
18+ Recreational: Concrete Lions Run (NDL)
18+ Women: Peak Open Run Poezen (NDL)
18+ Men Elite: Team Antwerp

Sean Pouedet was the lucky winner of our NBA 2K Shooting Contest and took a Playstation 4 Pro and a game of NBA 2K18 with him. Cristiaan Grives was once again the winner of the dunk contest.

Don’t forget, on saturday night we also had the awesome Red Bull Reign Event, from which you can check out the pictures right here. 

Now let’s check out some pictures of our 3X3 Masters tournament!


Once again, the Groenplaats in Antwerp was our stunning location for the 3X3 Masters Finals. 


 Referee Yves on the call, but how about the epic facepalm in the background? 


Slammajamma time! 


How about the dedication and persistence of our wheelchair players?! 




DJ Dysfunkshunal providing the beats for the weekend. 


Take a look at our nice main court, sponsored by Orange! 


These ladies enjoyed the nice weather to the fullest! 


Youngster Sean Pouedet took home the Shooting Challenge and won a Playstation 4 Pro! 


In between your games, you can always take your time to hang out in the chilling booth. 


The shoe game is strong in this one. We are alle equal. 


Levitate, Levitate, Levitate…


Cristiaan won the Dunk Contest, basically by jumping over people…


Team Antwerp showed why they were the strongest team of them all and booked themselves a trip to Prague. 


 Last but not least, we couldn’t have done it without you. Our 3X3 Masters Crew! (Some people are missing on the photo, but we did not forget about you!) 



Wassup yall!

We can scratch West-Flanders of this year’s list, as our 3X3 Masters tournament made its way through Kortrijk last week. Hot weather, hot beats and lots of ballers were the key ingredients to make things work at the Veemarkt.

It played out like this. We didn’t have an 18+ Elite competition, but we did have the U15, U18 boys and girls, 18+ Women and 18+ Recreational categories.

 Tournament Winners

  • U15:  1. White Lemon 2. Sea Ballers 3. HP United Juniors 4. The Snake Pit
  • U18 Girls: 1. De Witten 2. Mama Merel 3. The Ballers
  • U18 Boys: 1. De Scheppers 2. Triple X 3. Team Buckets 4. Koksijde Basket
  • 18+ Women: 1. Wolfpack 2. Spraakgebrek 3. FemkeDrinktGeirnePisang 4. Blue Penguins
  • 18+ Recreational: 1. Big Ballers 2. Nine Triple Zero 3. Brick Squad 4. Hot Fire

 Red Bull Reign Winners 

Brick Squad and Forza Bebita made the most buckets and secured their ticket to the Red Bull Reign Final in Antwerp, on the 28th of july.

Now check out some of our favourite pics, mady by Serch Carriere.
For all pictures, you can click on the following link:


Now that’s what they call: promogame on point! 

3X3 kortrijk-3

Circus shot incoming! 

3X3 kortrijk-11

It was at this moment she knew… she f’d up 

3X3 kortrijk-13

Now THAT is what they really call Hot Handed…

3X3 kortrijk-14

Can’t figure out who wore it better; MC Lightning or Russell Westbrook? 


Watch out for that postmove! (We see you with the socks though) 

3X3 kortrijk-34

One of the reasons we play for: Put a smile on people’s faces

3X3 kortrijk-40

Belgian Cat Kyara Linskens was also #takinghershot at 3X3 Masters Kortrijk. 

3X3 kortrijk-50

How come we see the ref only talking to one team on this court? 

3X3 kortrijk-59

Well, that’s not supposed to look that way… Glad out courtmonis came quickly to the rescue! 

3X3 kortrijk-72

Shoutout to our sponsor Red Bull! 

3X3 kortrijk-88

Think about it every night and daaaaaay, spread my wings and fly awaaaaay…

3X3 kortrijk-113

When our Red Devils play for 3th place in the World Cup at 4pm, but you have a game at 3.50 pm…

3X3 kortrijk-116

We call that a pretty effective ball fake.

3X3 kortrijk-130

Going in for the finger rooooll

3X3 kortrijk-159

And that kids… is how you tie your shoelaces. 

3X3 kortrijk-167



Thank you all for coming and see you at 3X3 Masters Antwerp, Red Bull Reign and The Finals!


We back baby!

3X3 Masters tips off another season with our first tournament in Deurne. Place to be was the Spectrumschool, next to Rivierenhof, where some nice outside basketball courts formed the perfect setup to play some ball. BBC Oxaco Boechout helped out to organize this beautiful event, which they did in a perfect way.

After some major competition, these were the results of the day:

U13: 1) BB Pluto 2) De Luchtbalonnen 3) Kempen United 4) De Badeendjes
U15: 1) The A-team 2) High5Academy 3) UnlimitedFireHoopers 4) Willehood’s
U18 Girls: 1) Splash Sisters 2) Open Run Streetcats 3) Flemch 4) Jetsuni
U18 Boys: 1) Melo Fellows 2) Raw Sauce No Ketchup 3) The Home Team 4) Vlaemsche Meme Bond
18+ Women: 1) Unbreakable 2) Slow Motion
18+ Recreational: 1) Rotterdam 2) Supahotfire 3) TeamSupream
18+ Elite:  1) Bordeaux Ballistik 2) Visclub De Gladde Paling 3) Pott Life 4) Oxaco

The Shooting Contest before lunch was won by Brecht Gehre. He buried more free throws than the rest of the contestants and won the prize. In the afternoon, it was known sharpshooter Christopher Pegg who took home the prize.

Now, let’s take a look at some pictures, taken by photographer Serch Carriere:


  • When it’s about 30°C in the sun and you need to take a seat now and then. 


  • In case you were wondering, our refs thought it was hot too. 


  • The floater game is strong with this one. 


  • On another note, the great weather brought back ths skins vs. the shirts on the court!


  • Ball is life, Ball is love. 


  • In the end, it’s all bout the swoosh. 


  • When you turn over that first page of your exam…


  • Not sure of that’s very easy to play with.. 


  • Aaaaand that’s our first dunk of the summer ladies and gentlemen!



Not in the-Kendrick-Lamar-album-kind-of-way, but in the way that all you guys were amazing once again this summer.
The 3X3 Masters weekend of the tournament in Antwerp and the Finals on Sunday was the last stop of this year and we enjoyed every minute of it. Now let’s take a look at everything that happened this weekend.

On Saturday we had the last qualifier for the Finals on Sunday. These teams came out on top in their respective categories:

U13: 1) Streetballtigers  2) Soba-Nation 3) Ballislife 4) Uccle Europe Lions
U15: 1) Blowout 2) Concrete Lions 2020 3) BBQ Op Veld 2 4) K-Warriors
U18 Girls: 1) Open Run Fab 4  2) Concrete Lions HSVB  3) Entwerp Ies Parking
U18 Boys: 1) Team NL U18  2) Concrete Lions Rookies   3) Team Splash  4) Open Run Beastin & Feastin
18+ Women: 1) Unbreakable  2) Myteamisbetterthanyours  3) Team Chocomel  4) Concrete Lions NT
18+ Recreational: 1) Savage $quad 2) Splash Cousins  3) OpenRun Next Gen  4) Swift Sports Training
18+ Elite:  1) BO!! 2) 3X3 NL U23 Team 2  3) 3X3 NL U23  4) HW Wild Snakes
Wheelchair: 1) U23 On Wheels  2) Tukkers on Tour  3) Rijinstruc. On Wheelz  4) Wapper


On sunday of course, we had the main event: the 3X3 Masters Finals. All the best teams from all the past tournaments got an invite and came ready to earn their stripes at the Groenplaats. Eventually, there could only be one big winner in each category. Let’s check out who won in each tournament:

U13: Soba Nation
U15: Concrete Lions 2020 (NDL)
U18 Boys: Team NL U18 (NDL)
U18 Girls: Open Run Fab 4 (NDL)
18+ Women: Chicks Got Game
18+ Elite Men: HW Wild Snakes (POL)

Now for the shooting contest, we have to give props to Emma Bell. She won the contest, hitting 10 threes in the process. She earned herself a playstation 4 Pro, with a copy of NBA 2K17.

The winner of the Dunk Contest was Christiaan Grives, a.k.a. Batman, with a sick dunk over Belgian Cat Kyara Linskens. Now let’s take a look at the best pictures of this weekend:

 Once again, we had the wonderful opportunity to have the Groenplaats as a setting for our 3×3 Masters Finals. 


For the first time this summer, we could welcome some teams in the wheelchair competition! 


These guys were amazing again, as they had every game under control, while being awesome of course. 


Beats were delivered by DJ Dysfunkshunal. 


Talk about major concentration…


Ladies, Have you met Daniel? He’s a courtmoni half of the time, but also a pretty succesful model the other half! 


Without even knowing it, we had a big breakdance star in the building! 


Better make sure that’s a good pass kid, your dad is watching over your shoulder! 


When all you really want to do, is be a pokémaster, but you gotta go hoop on a 3X3 Masters tournament instead… 


When you forgot a black color and the only guy who has a spare shirt, is your center… 


Yess, Flex on ’em my man! 


The wonderful DJ Lady S taking care of the beats in the afternoon! 


 Ouch, that gas got to hurt. He’s gonna be feeling that when he wakes up in the morning! 


Pretty sure that’s a foul too! 


 When you get photobombed by a referee… 


When you’re on 3X3 Masters, but you actually gotta be rehearsing Rihanna’s music video clip…


Now don’t eat that young lady, it has to last until 2020…


If we have learned one thing MC Lightning has said during the tournaments, it’s that the ref is always right!


Woops, I think you forgot a pretty crucial part of basketball there, buddy! 


Matthias, shooting the lights out in the shooting contest on saturday, hitting 13 free throws in 30 seconds…


Benjamin a.k.a. Big Ben a.k.a. the Big Boss taking care of the result board. 


I hate to say this, but ehh… YOU JUST GOT POSTERIZED


Getting that tongue out like I’m MJ…


Julie Vanloo getting ready for her trademark stepback jumper



Check out the pics of the winners via×3-masters-tour-2017


He put in a LOT of time (and less sleep)  to get you all in those beautiful pictures, so give him some credit.

Lastly, shout-out to the 3X3 Masters crew who put in the work every tournament, just so everybody can play ball.
(Some of them are missing on this pic, but we didn’t forget about you!)



We had sun, we had a beach and sea and… we had lots of high-level basketball!

The 3×3 Masters stop in Oostende proved to be very popular once again, as lots of teams came to the Belgian Coast to ball. The weather forecast wasn’t promising, but the storm stayed away, so we had a great day.

First, we need to give a shout-out to our NBA 2K shoot-out winners, Milan in the youth competition and Angelo in the 18+ competition. They went home with a copy of 2K17 after shooting the lights out.

In the morning it were the local Ostend Flyers who took away the head price in the U13 category, outgunning the Black Devils. In the U15 field, the Airhoopers came out on top.

In the afternoon, Ballout84 came out on top in the U18 tournament, while the Donkey Ballers were the cream of the crop in the 18+ Recreational field. In the Women’s categories, Wolfpack, with Belgian Cat Kyara Linskens, won the title, outlasting the U18 Rockets in the Finals.

The exciting 18+ Elite Finals were won by The Chiefs, outlasting German side Der Stamm with 16-15. Jonas Foerts of The Chiefs hit the game winning jumper.

Check out the epic pics from our great photographer King below:

The view over the place where it all went down, Wapenplein in Ostend.


The German team of K1X Ambassadors made sure they would be seen on the court.


Ok, show us how you really feel Frank!


Kyara Linskens, bronze medalist in Prague, showed up for some 3X3 action in Ostend!


Our man Milan winning the shoot-out contest in the morning! Now go play some 2K son!


That’s making sure you get some lift on your jump shot. Not bad!


Damn son, ain’t nobody out here with cooler sunglasses than you!


Oh boy, that defender just got nutmegged. Great pass right here!


Due to the slippy underground and the heat, we had some trouble with the court at times..


There were some really cool chicks performing an epic dance-off next to the courts though!


And if you need to get something done, the best way to do it, is as one team!


Major thanks to our referees, who have the chemistry on and off the court..


Angelo showed some guts in the 2K Shoot-out finals in the Afternoon, but was so kind to give away his prize to the other finalist.


Jonas Foerts of the Chiefs showed off at 3X3 Masters Oostende and lead his team to victory.


In the end, it was all smiles and we already look forward to next weekend. Finals weekend in Antwerp! Be there!