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Best pictures of 3X3 Masters Zaventem

Just like that, 3X3 Masters Zaventem flew by. Thank God (and our photographer King) for the awesome memories as we take a look back at the second tournament in our 2017 tour.

First of, a big shout-out to the winners of the NBA2K Shoot-Out Contest: Kostic in the U13/U15 category and Soufian in the U18/18+ category. Both went home happy and proud with an NBA 2K game in their back pockets.

The competition was fierce in the Dunk Contest but Kris Kalondo proved to be the best amongst the young high flyers. Congrats young fella!

A whole lot of teams qualified for the 3X3 Masters Finals at Zaventem:

  • 18+ Elite Men: 1. Leadersportz (BEL) / 2. Mamurna Jutra (BEL) / 3. BTW Rumbeke (BEL) / 4. Under Armour (BEL)
  • 18+ Women: 1. Hotshots (BEL) / 2. The Hot Shots (BEL) / 3. Roro&Co (U18)
  • U18 Boys: 1. Lord of the court (BEL) / 2. T.M.L. (BEL) / 3. Joakim Noah’s Arc (BEL) / 4. Greece (BEL)
  • U15: 1. Black Panthers (BEL) / 2. The Air Ballers (BEL) / 3. A’Town Ballers (BEL) / 4. The Big 3 (BEL)
  • U13: 1. United Woluwe (BEL) / 2. Blue Knights (BEL) / 3. Allez-Hop / 4. Blue Demons (BEL)

The 18+ Recreational Men played just for fun, but with as much energy as anyone else. These 4 teams came out on top: 1. Team Avengers (BEL) / 2. Wintergeenprijzenmee (BEL) / 3. Red Assault (BEL) / 4. The Coikes (BEL)

The best pictures of 3X3 Masters Zaventem (totally subjective): 

Resident DJ – DJ Dysfunkshunal – dropped the newest beats once again:

Blog 1 LQ

Football Royalty also dropped by:

Blog 4 LQ


MC Lieven tried to count ’till three:


Blog 5 LQ


The referees didn’t knew what he was talking about (and neither did we):

Blog 9 LQ




Three? One?

Blog 2 LQ



Anything you can do…

Blog 7 LQ

… I can do better:

Blog 8 LQ

We also had dunks (thank you Barry Dictus!):

Blog 10

And some rock-paper-scissors contests (thank you MC Lieven):

Blog 6 LQ

Oh, did we mention we had dunks?

_DSC8509 - Version 2


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See you in Kortrijk on July 1st!