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Best Pictures of 3X3 Masters Brussels

What up everybody!

On Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 july, we took the 3X3 Masters tour to our nation’s capital and we had a blast! And we have the proof in the pictures you will find below.

The event was spread out over two days, with the U15 and the 18+ Elite Men playing on Saturday and the U18 Boys and 18+ Women playing on Sunday.

On Saturday, Max Ghysbrechts of team Blowout took away the 2K Shoot-Out Contest, defeating his teammate Lukas Verhoeven and Matthias Offeciers. In the U15 competition, Giantsnation blew out their opponents on their way to the finals, where they defeated Blowout in a exciting game.

In the 18+ Elite Men Competition, there was a lot of firepower and a big crowd turned up to show some support. In the end, The Chiefs showed they were the best team, by beating Team Celis with coach Nick Celis in the semi-finals and then doing the same to Rochdi Benzouien’s team DuLourd in the finals.

The main event of the day was the Dunk Contest, where Kevin Tshupula was crowned the Dunk King.

On Sunday the U18 Boys and 18+ Women were on the programme. Before noon, it were the Sweet Ballerz who took away the prize in the U18 field. In the Women’s tournament, bronze medalist Julie Vanloo showed up and lead her team to victory in the afternoon.

Now, let’s take a look at some of King’s best shots:






So, as you can see, we were set up pretty nicely for our tournament in Brussels.


We got the 3×3 Masters crew all pumped up and ready for the day.


DJ Dysfunkshunal playing the best beats of the moment.


Hell, we even got a sneaker wash, where you can make your sneakers look new again. Crazy!


In case you forgot, the refs know a thing or two about playing basketball themselves. Who you got?


When you’re doing your best ‘Jordan logo’ impression, in the middle of a game.


Okay, I see you with them Uncle Drew socks! Did you know he wants a trade, though?


Uhm King, weren’t you supposed to take pictures of the basketball games? No no, major shout-out to the Orange girls!


Fresh Top Division Men One Champion, Robin Spaens was also in the building!


Just like the 3X3 U18 National Team, playing this tournament as preparation for the Euros! Let’s go Belgium!


Excuse me sir, may I have this ball back?


I can do this… Hold my beer!


Okay, so he went through the legs in the Dunk Contest? Oooeeh-Wee!


Not sure if Photoshopped, or just ‘The Dunking Devils”


Bronze medalist Julie Vanloo made appearance with her ‘Chicks Got Game’ and took away the prize!