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Best Pictures of 3X3 Masters Kortrijk

Due to the weather conditions, we were balling in the ‘Lange Munte’ in Kortrijk, instead of the ‘Veemarkt’. Not that it messed up our vibe though, check out the recap!

Again, we need to give a shout-out to the 2K shoot-out contest winners. In the U13/U15 category, Milan (U13) seemed unstoppable, while Pallieter took away NBA 2K17 in the U18/18+ Category, after a tie-breaker with Ilyes.

The Dunk Contest was won by Thomas, representing team Persy.

These teams made sure they earned a spot at the 3X3 Finals in Antwerp:

  • 18+ Elite Men: Air Africa / Team Persy / Retro / Monaco
  • 18+ Women: D Deerlijk & Rookies / Coastgirls / Poland / Negenduust
  • U18 Boys: Coast to Coast / Litty / Ballers / H-Town
  • U18 Girls: BTK Bitches / Shooters / Echo
  • U15 Boys: Melco Bballers / The Jokers / Helios / K-Warriors
  • U13 Boys: Okapistars / Bad Bananas / Waregem U12A

The games in the 18+ Recreational section were just for fun, but nonetheless they deserve a shout-out for the effort they put in. Nasty came out on top, followed by Magicians, Noobs & Sparta.

The best pictures of 3X3 Masters Kortrijk:

  •  “I don’t know if I’m in a zombie apocalypse or a basketball game”


  • MC Lightning Lieven rockin’ some of his favourite Jordan’s


  • “If you want to score the basketball, you have to be the basketball”


  • Did you know Rapunzel is a pretty damn good shooter? 


  • Milan, a.k.a. Mini-Kyle Lowry, took home the Shooting Contest in the U13/U15 category.


  • House Photographer King looked for the best angles, to pull of his best shots. 


  • He either called bank, yelled ‘Buckets’ or ‘Airball’…


  • Can someone explain to me what the hell is going on in this picture? 


  • The art of the no-look pass showed by Nele Poffyn


  • When you see that last copy of NBA 2K in the store. 


  • It was at that moment in time he knew… he messed up.