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Maaaaan, 3X3 Masters in Brussels was lit AF! Not only did we see some great 3X3 games, but we had dance-offs, the best football freestyler in Belgium dropping panna’s – we see you Kadhafi – and a new BX Dunk Champion. In case you missed it, #serchcarriereimages got you covered. We got some of his best pictures right here, but if you wanna see more go check out the full album on Facebook.

Before we get to the pictures, here are some take-aways of the tournament.

Tournament winners:

  • U15: 1. Ute Fam  2. BC Leuven  3. Bum Ass Warriors  4. ADMG Team
  • U18 Boys: 1. Big Three  2. Home Team Hoops  3. 6K Team  4. Cousinsisasnake
  • 18+ Men Recreational: 1. LTN Connection  2. Gladiators  3. Red Assault  4. RD96
  • 18+ Men Elite: 1. Must Defend Right  2. Letsgetit  3. Antwerp  4. Succes Story

Red Bull Reign winners:

Team Antwerp proved to be the best scoring team once again as they emerge as the early favorites to take home the Red Bull Reign crown on July 28 in their hometown. Succes Story was the 2nd best scoring team in pool phase and will bring some heat to the Belgium Red Bull Reign Finals without a doubt.


NBA 2K Shoot Out Contest winner: 

Sam Kaminksi of team Big Three was taking his shot at the NBA 2K Shoot Out and nailed it. Guess shooters gonna shoot!

Spalding Dunk Contest winner:

Ladies and gentlement, we got a new Dunk Champ! Bastien Motte took on reigning champ Kevin Tshupula in a spectacular Spalding Dunk Contest. He had to dig deep in his bag of tricks but managed to squeeze out the win by dunking over a table while grabbing the ball from his teammate laying on top of it. Don’t worry, we got the picture if you don’t get it.

Mean face game on point!
Best pics_1



Who got buckets?

Best pics_2


Everything is more fun when you hashtag it #sportersbelevenmeer…

Best pics_3


BX Crowd got eyes on everything!

Best pics_4


We have no idea what’s going on here

Best pics_5


When I say jump, you say ‘how high?’!

Best pics_6



Rehydration is key!



Sometimes, you need a different perspective…

Best pics_7


When you realize, you’re on a poster…

Best pics_8


Baller baby coming soon.

Best pics_9


Always a good thing when Belgian Lion Loïc Schwartz pulls out the ‘Three Bow & Arrow’

Best pics_10


When you’re in a Dunk Contest and you know you’ve killed it:

Best pics_11




And then this happens:

Best pics_12



See you all in Kortrijk on July 14th, the last stop before we head to Antwerp! Sign up for Kortrijk closes on Wednesday July 11 at 23:59!

Maxime Depuydt


Maxime Depuydt

Limburg United (Euromillions basketball league)

Shooting Guard


Did you expect to win this tournament in Aalst with your team “The Chiefs”?

Yeah, we definitely came here to win. As you could have seen, it was a bit difficult but eventually we could take the win by scoring a buzzer beater.


Why do you think your team came out first? What are the strenghts of your team?

Our team is very strong and powerfull. We’re in a very good physical shape, which makes winning a 3×3 tournament much easier.


What are your teams ambitions for the Finals in Antwerp?

We definitely want to win the Finals, simple as that!


Who is your idol?

Kobe Bryant, in my opinion he’s an unbelievable player. There is nothing he can’t do!


What if you wouldn’t play basketball?

Well, I have a degree in physical education. So if I wouldn’t play basketball then I probably would be a physical educator. Becoming a physical educator is still an option after I finish my career ON the court.

We got a sweet taste in the Ajuinenstad last weekend. Hot too. But no sweat went unnoticed through the lens of photo-phenomenon Serch Carriere and we selected some of his – and your – best shots.

But first, let us announce the winners of the tournament and the teams that got their Golden Ticket to the 3X3 Masters Finals:

  • U13: 1) We love this game 2) Girl Skwad 2 3) Girl Skwad 1
  • U15: 1) BC Leuven 2) Jellyfam 2.0 3) Aalstars 4) Hoopfam
  • U18 Boys: 1) Who’s next? 2) Appelflap 3) Jellyfam 4) Panters
  • U18 Girls: 1) Flemch starring BC 2) The Splash Sisters 3) 2Cute2Be Cheerleader
  • 18+ Women: 1) Partysquad 2) Slow Motion 3) De Visjes 4) 4 kinds of trouble
  • 18 + Men Recreational : 1) United 2) Helios 3) Donkey Ballers 4) Sint-Anna Bricks
  • 18+ Men Elite: 1) The Chiefs 2) Team Morichar 3) Deli 4) Tomahawk

The top 2 scoring teams in the 18+ Men Elite pool phase advance to the Red Bull Reign Finals on July 28, so congrats to The Chiefs and Tomahawk!

The best shooters of the day were Roel Bucumi in the U13/U15 category and Maxime Depuydt in the U18/18+ category. They both won the NBA 2K Shoot-out Contest by making it rain.

Next up in the winners list: Osias Apedzeagbo got the victory at the Spalding Dunk Contest. Hops by the dozen!

Ready for some pics? We gotcha!

You HAVE to pose when you hit game winners.



We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: shooters gonna shoot!



When Reign and Rain are the same…



More game winners?






First come, first served!



When you just woke up after a huge hangover and realize you’re at 3X3 Masters…



Hi there!



Screaming is *not* mandatory.



When you’re trying to figure out which one is Joeri and which one is Joren…



All smiles when the weather is right.



When you’re balling but the DJ puts on Fat Joe’s ‘Lean Back’…


You can find the full album on our Facebook page, right here.

See you next weekend in Brussels – Saturday at Place de la Monnaie!

3X3 - Zaventem
Team ‘The Hague’ (18+ Men Elite)

Jeroen Van Der List
Free agent
Power Forward

Julian Jaring
Landslake Lions, the Netherlands
Small Forward

Kasper Averink
Free agent
Shooting guard/Point guard

Jan Driessen
Lokomotief Rijkswijk, the Netherlands
Power Forward

Did you expect to be the winning team of this stop in Zaventem?
Yes! We came here to win, so we did expect this to happen.

What are your expectations for the 3×3 Masters Finals in Antwerp?
We definitely want to win there. We know it’s going to be difficult but we surely want to get the ticket to go and compete in the World Tour in Prague.

What does basketball mean to you?
Everything! Basketball is more than a game. To us, it’s life.

Who’s your idol and why?
LeBron James.
He’s a great player to watch. Besides that, he’s an overall great basketball player on both ends of the floor, in defence and offence. LeBron James combines strength with intelligence, plus over the years he developed his shot from behind the arc.

‘If I wouldn’t play basketball, then…’
Jeroen: ‘nothing’
Julian: ‘athletics’
Kasper: ‘I probably would’ve end up in jail’
Jan: ‘I genuinely don’t know’

Hiiiii fella’s

The 3X3 family landed in Zaventem on Sunday June 24 for the second stop of the 3X3 Masters Tour 2018. Place to be was Kerkplein, located in the centre of Zaventem. Basketball, beats and summer vibes were mixed up into a cool and urban streetbasketball event.

These were the results of the day. Those teams made it to the semi-finals in Zaventem, which means they got the ticket to the big Finals in Antwerp (29/07):

  • U15: 1) De Coole Jongens 2) Lipton 3) BC Leuven 4) Jellyfam
  • U18 Boys: 1) Giantsnation 2) Swoosh Nation 3) Optimus Dime 4) La Famillia
  • U18 Girls: 1) Flemch 2) The Splash Sisters 3) Jetsuni
  • 18+ Women: 1) The Spartans 2) The Haachtse Ladies 3) Mix Mania 4) Pablo Escoball
  • 18+ Men Recreational: 1) LTN Connection 2) Ball don’t lie 3) Brodiessss 4) Doenderland
  • 18+ Men Elite: 1) The Hague 2) Antwerp 3) Mamurna Jutra

The winners of the NBA 2K Shooting Contest are:

  • U15: Jonas Speltinck
  • U18 and U18+: Quinten Smout

Walid Hicham was supreme in the Spalding Dunk Contest, so he deserved to win and take home his price.

Last – but certainly not least – team Antwerp & Ball don’t Lie qualified as first team ever to the Belgian Red Bull Reign Finals, to be played on July 28 in Antwerp. The highest scoring teams of our tour in the Men category will play the Belgium Red Bull Reign Finals with grand prize a ticket to the Red Bull Reign Finals in Washington, DC! Make it Reign fella’s.

Have a look at some high-profile photos of the 3X3 Masters in Zaventem, taken by the best photographer in the world Serch Carriere.

When you’re driving and just can’t resist the camera…

blog 1

When it seems that it’s all just too easy for you…

blog 2

Let’s fly high!

blog 3

The game is called “basketball” boys, not “wrestling”…

blog 4

When you’re 7 ft tall and dunking isn’t a challenge anymore…

blog 5

Fade away Kobe in the house!

blog 6

The face you make when you wake up and realise it’s a Monday morning…

blog 7


blog 8

What happens when you score an epic game winning buzzer beater…

blog 9

Easy buckets…

blog 10

When the rim can’t handle your strength…

blog 11


See you all in Aalst on June 30th! (Sign up closes on Wednesday 27 at 23:59)

Two of our 3×3 Masters tournaments are already in the books. The first 2 stops in Deurne and Zaventem were fantastic. With 4 more stops in the upcoming weeks, we’re already sensing the Finals getting closer. Four more stops also means 4 more chances to get your golden ticket to the Finals. And for the 18+ Elite Men teams, that means one step closer to the FIBA 3X3 World Tour in Prague on August 4-5. 

Things get real now!

At the 3×3 Masters Finals, the best 3×3 teams will compete for victory. For the 18+ Men Elite teams, victory automatically leads to a ticket to the FIBA 3×3 World Tour in Prague. If you didn’t know, now you do. Get your team together and make sure you sign up for one of our upcoming tournaments in Aalst (30/6), Brussels (6&7/7), Kortrijk (14/7) and Antwerp (28/7).

About the World Tour

The FIBA 3×3 World Tour is an international tour of 3×3 basketball teams. It is also the highest professional 3×3 basketball competition in the entire world.

The FIBA 3×3 World Tour is the pinnacle event of an ‘open’ network of FIBA-endorsed 3×3 tournaments. Teams can qualify for the FIBA 3×3 World Tour by taking part in regional tournaments, such as 3X3 Masters in Belgium, eventually making their way to the world stage.

The Masters in Prague is one of the 9 events that are part of the 2018 World Tour. Nine Masters tournaments lead to the big Bloomage Beijing Final.

For the 18+ Men Elite teams, trying to enter this World Tour via the Finals in Antwerp is definitely the fastest way to great success!

We wish all teams the best of luck on their road to glory!


Getting buckets and representing Belgium in Washington. You in? Red Bull Reign will give you the opportunity, if you can make it reign.

It will be a first for Belgium, but you might have already heard about Red Bull Reign. The Red Bull 3X3 competition is all about scoring as many points as you can and will be part of our 3X3 Masters tour in 2018.

Red Bull Reign?

The set-up is simple: the team which scores the most points wins. But here’s the catch: we don’t mean most points in regard to your opponent, we mean most points on average over ALL your pool phase games.

The Red Bull Reign competition is played in several countries and they all lead into 1 big final in Washington, USA.

Red Bull Reign X 3X3 Masters

Every – all Belgian – 18+ Elite Men team that plays at 3X3 Masters Zaventem, Aalst, Brussels, Kortrijk and Antwerp is participating in the Red Bull Reign competition. You read that right: only all Belgian teams (every player in the team has to hold the Belgian nationality) are allowed #sorryifyourenotBE and there’s no need to do an additional registration if you want to participate at Red Bull Reign. Just sign up for one of our tournaments in the 18+ Elite Men category and you’re in.

The top 2 scoring teams will advance to the Red Bull Reign Belgian Finals on July 28 in Antwerp.

Only points scored in the pool phase of the tournament are taken into account and in case some teams play less games than others in pool phase, we will take a look at the average points scored to determine to 2 top scoring teams.


You can participate at the Red Bull Reign competition at one of these events:

  • 3X3 Masters Zaventem – June 24
  • AWBB 3X3 Masters Jambes – June 24
  • 3X3 Masters Aalst – June 30
  • 3X3 Masters Brussels – July 6
  • 3X3 Masters Kortrijk – July 14
  • AWBB 3X3 Masters Charleroi – July 14
  • 3X3 Masters Antwerpen – July 28

The winner of the Belgian Finals will get an all-in trip to Washington, to play at the Red Bull Reign World Finals on September 15.

Make it Reign!

picture: Ryan Taylor/Red Bull Content


We back baby!

3X3 Masters tips off another season with our first tournament in Deurne. Place to be was the Spectrumschool, next to Rivierenhof, where some nice outside basketball courts formed the perfect setup to play some ball. BBC Oxaco Boechout helped out to organize this beautiful event, which they did in a perfect way.

After some major competition, these were the results of the day:

U13: 1) BB Pluto 2) De Luchtbalonnen 3) Kempen United 4) De Badeendjes
U15: 1) The A-team 2) High5Academy 3) UnlimitedFireHoopers 4) Willehood’s
U18 Girls: 1) Splash Sisters 2) Open Run Streetcats 3) Flemch 4) Jetsuni
U18 Boys: 1) Melo Fellows 2) Raw Sauce No Ketchup 3) The Home Team 4) Vlaemsche Meme Bond
18+ Women: 1) Unbreakable 2) Slow Motion
18+ Recreational: 1) Rotterdam 2) Supahotfire 3) TeamSupream
18+ Elite:  1) Bordeaux Ballistik 2) Visclub De Gladde Paling 3) Pott Life 4) Oxaco

The Shooting Contest before lunch was won by Brecht Gehre. He buried more free throws than the rest of the contestants and won the prize. In the afternoon, it was known sharpshooter Christopher Pegg who took home the prize.

Now, let’s take a look at some pictures, taken by photographer Serch Carriere:


  • When it’s about 30°C in the sun and you need to take a seat now and then. 


  • In case you were wondering, our refs thought it was hot too. 


  • The floater game is strong with this one. 


  • On another note, the great weather brought back ths skins vs. the shirts on the court!


  • Ball is life, Ball is love. 


  • In the end, it’s all bout the swoosh. 


  • When you turn over that first page of your exam…


  • Not sure of that’s very easy to play with.. 


  • Aaaaand that’s our first dunk of the summer ladies and gentlemen!



Not in the-Kendrick-Lamar-album-kind-of-way, but in the way that all you guys were amazing once again this summer.
The 3X3 Masters weekend of the tournament in Antwerp and the Finals on Sunday was the last stop of this year and we enjoyed every minute of it. Now let’s take a look at everything that happened this weekend.

On Saturday we had the last qualifier for the Finals on Sunday. These teams came out on top in their respective categories:

U13: 1) Streetballtigers  2) Soba-Nation 3) Ballislife 4) Uccle Europe Lions
U15: 1) Blowout 2) Concrete Lions 2020 3) BBQ Op Veld 2 4) K-Warriors
U18 Girls: 1) Open Run Fab 4  2) Concrete Lions HSVB  3) Entwerp Ies Parking
U18 Boys: 1) Team NL U18  2) Concrete Lions Rookies   3) Team Splash  4) Open Run Beastin & Feastin
18+ Women: 1) Unbreakable  2) Myteamisbetterthanyours  3) Team Chocomel  4) Concrete Lions NT
18+ Recreational: 1) Savage $quad 2) Splash Cousins  3) OpenRun Next Gen  4) Swift Sports Training
18+ Elite:  1) BO!! 2) 3X3 NL U23 Team 2  3) 3X3 NL U23  4) HW Wild Snakes
Wheelchair: 1) U23 On Wheels  2) Tukkers on Tour  3) Rijinstruc. On Wheelz  4) Wapper


On sunday of course, we had the main event: the 3X3 Masters Finals. All the best teams from all the past tournaments got an invite and came ready to earn their stripes at the Groenplaats. Eventually, there could only be one big winner in each category. Let’s check out who won in each tournament:

U13: Soba Nation
U15: Concrete Lions 2020 (NDL)
U18 Boys: Team NL U18 (NDL)
U18 Girls: Open Run Fab 4 (NDL)
18+ Women: Chicks Got Game
18+ Elite Men: HW Wild Snakes (POL)

Now for the shooting contest, we have to give props to Emma Bell. She won the contest, hitting 10 threes in the process. She earned herself a playstation 4 Pro, with a copy of NBA 2K17.

The winner of the Dunk Contest was Christiaan Grives, a.k.a. Batman, with a sick dunk over Belgian Cat Kyara Linskens. Now let’s take a look at the best pictures of this weekend:

 Once again, we had the wonderful opportunity to have the Groenplaats as a setting for our 3×3 Masters Finals. 


For the first time this summer, we could welcome some teams in the wheelchair competition! 


These guys were amazing again, as they had every game under control, while being awesome of course. 


Beats were delivered by DJ Dysfunkshunal. 


Talk about major concentration…


Ladies, Have you met Daniel? He’s a courtmoni half of the time, but also a pretty succesful model the other half! 


Without even knowing it, we had a big breakdance star in the building! 


Better make sure that’s a good pass kid, your dad is watching over your shoulder! 


When all you really want to do, is be a pokémaster, but you gotta go hoop on a 3X3 Masters tournament instead… 


When you forgot a black color and the only guy who has a spare shirt, is your center… 


Yess, Flex on ‘em my man! 


The wonderful DJ Lady S taking care of the beats in the afternoon! 


 Ouch, that gas got to hurt. He’s gonna be feeling that when he wakes up in the morning! 


Pretty sure that’s a foul too! 


 When you get photobombed by a referee… 


When you’re on 3X3 Masters, but you actually gotta be rehearsing Rihanna’s music video clip…


Now don’t eat that young lady, it has to last until 2020…


If we have learned one thing MC Lightning has said during the tournaments, it’s that the ref is always right!


Woops, I think you forgot a pretty crucial part of basketball there, buddy! 


Matthias, shooting the lights out in the shooting contest on saturday, hitting 13 free throws in 30 seconds…


Benjamin a.k.a. Big Ben a.k.a. the Big Boss taking care of the result board. 


I hate to say this, but ehh… YOU JUST GOT POSTERIZED


Getting that tongue out like I’m MJ…


Julie Vanloo getting ready for her trademark stepback jumper



Check out the pics of the winners via×3-masters-tour-2017


He put in a LOT of time (and less sleep)  to get you all in those beautiful pictures, so give him some credit.

Lastly, shout-out to the 3X3 Masters crew who put in the work every tournament, just so everybody can play ball.
(Some of them are missing on this pic, but we didn’t forget about you!)



We had sun, we had a beach and sea and… we had lots of high-level basketball!

The 3×3 Masters stop in Oostende proved to be very popular once again, as lots of teams came to the Belgian Coast to ball. The weather forecast wasn’t promising, but the storm stayed away, so we had a great day.

First, we need to give a shout-out to our NBA 2K shoot-out winners, Milan in the youth competition and Angelo in the 18+ competition. They went home with a copy of 2K17 after shooting the lights out.

In the morning it were the local Ostend Flyers who took away the head price in the U13 category, outgunning the Black Devils. In the U15 field, the Airhoopers came out on top.

In the afternoon, Ballout84 came out on top in the U18 tournament, while the Donkey Ballers were the cream of the crop in the 18+ Recreational field. In the Women’s categories, Wolfpack, with Belgian Cat Kyara Linskens, won the title, outlasting the U18 Rockets in the Finals.

The exciting 18+ Elite Finals were won by The Chiefs, outlasting German side Der Stamm with 16-15. Jonas Foerts of The Chiefs hit the game winning jumper.

Check out the epic pics from our great photographer King below:

The view over the place where it all went down, Wapenplein in Ostend.


The German team of K1X Ambassadors made sure they would be seen on the court.


Ok, show us how you really feel Frank!


Kyara Linskens, bronze medalist in Prague, showed up for some 3X3 action in Ostend!


Our man Milan winning the shoot-out contest in the morning! Now go play some 2K son!


That’s making sure you get some lift on your jump shot. Not bad!


Damn son, ain’t nobody out here with cooler sunglasses than you!


Oh boy, that defender just got nutmegged. Great pass right here!


Due to the slippy underground and the heat, we had some trouble with the court at times..


There were some really cool chicks performing an epic dance-off next to the courts though!


And if you need to get something done, the best way to do it, is as one team!


Major thanks to our referees, who have the chemistry on and off the court..


Angelo showed some guts in the 2K Shoot-out finals in the Afternoon, but was so kind to give away his prize to the other finalist.


Jonas Foerts of the Chiefs showed off at 3X3 Masters Oostende and lead his team to victory.


In the end, it was all smiles and we already look forward to next weekend. Finals weekend in Antwerp! Be there!