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Latvia & Russia are on top of the European 3X3 scene

From 7 till 9 july, the beautiful city of Amsterdam held the European 3X3 Championship. In the men’s tournament, Latvia surprisingly came out on top, beating Slovenia. In the women’s final, Russia had the advantage over Spain. 

The stunning location, right next to the Rijksmuseum, in the middle of Amsterdam, was accentuated by the enormous 3X3 stadium, where 2.105 spectators could take place. This was the biggest temporary 3X3 stadium ever.

In the men’s tournament was host Netherlands not strong enough for title-favourite Serbia (22-13). Latvia, Slovenia and Ukraine also secured a spot in the semis, where Latvia pulled off an upset by sending Serbia home, 17-19. In the other semi-final, Slovenia had no match in Ukraine, which it beated 22-8. In an exciting Finals matchup, outsider Latvia beat Slovenia 16 to 13, crowning themselves European Champions. Ukraine won the bronze-medal game.

In the women’s competition, home team Netherlands did make the semis. However, Spain was too strong for the hosts, beating them 9-11. Russia secured the other Finals spot, outplaying France 16 to 12. In the Finals, Russia hit from all angles to beat Spain with 14-22. Home team Netherlands finished strong by winning the bronze.

Look below for the 10 best plays of the tournament: IFrame