3X3 Masters Aalst 2018

3X3 Masters Aalst

The place to be for onions, carnaval and 3X3


When was it? Saturday June 30, 2018
Where was it? Werfplein, 9300 Aalst



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Red Bull Reign

Red Bull Reign logo

3X3 Masters Aalst also was one of the qualifiers for the Belgian Red Bull Reign final. The set-up is simple: the team which scores the most points wins. But here’s the catch: we don’t mean most points in regard to your opponent, we mean most points on average over ALL your pool phase games. More info on the Red Bull Reign website or on our blog post.


Got questions?

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U13: 1) We love this game 2) Girl Skwad 2 3) Girl Skwad 1

U15: 1) BC Leuven 2) Jellyfam 2.0 3) Aalstars 4) Hoopfam

U18 Boys: 1) Who’s next? 2) Appelflap 3) Jellyfam 4) Panters

U18 Girls: 1) Flemch starring BC 2) The Splash Sisters 3) 2Cute2Be Cheerleader

18+ Women: 1) Partysquad 2) Slow Motion 3) De Visjes 4) 4 kinds of trouble

18 + Men Recreational : 1) United 2) Helios 3) Donkey Ballers 4) Sint-Anna Bricks

18+ Men Elite: 1) The Chiefs 2) Team Morichar 3) Deli 4) Tomahawk



You can find the results of all the games here.


[gmaps]50.940530, 4.043170, 16[/gmaps]