3X3 Masters Kortrijk 2018

3X3 Masters Kortrijk

Ballers ball at ballerplaces. Kortrijk is a place for ballers. Be there.


When? Saturday July 14, 2018
Where? Veemarkt, 8500 Kortrijk
For who? Sign up to play in one of these categories: U13, U15, U18 Boys, U18 Girls, 18+ Recreational Men, 18+ Elite Men, 18+ Women
Paricipation fee? All teams pay €45. Insurance and a T-shirt for each player are included.


Click to sign up
Sign up closes on Wednesday July 11 at 23h59

What to expect?

Expect basketball, music and entertainment all mixed up into a cool and urban atmosphere. We’ll make sure there are some drinks and lots of entertainment if you provide us with sunshine and smiles.

Got questions?

Get in touch via info@3X3masters.be


10:00-10:30 Registration U13 & U15
10:45-13:00 Tournament U13 & U15

12:00-12:30 Registration U18 & 18+
13:00-18:00 Tournament U18 & 18+

*Program subject to change