3X3 Masters Melsele


3X3 Masters Melsele

First down. Touchdown coming up!


The first 3X3 Masters tournament of 2017 is a wrap!

On the fifth of june, we had our first 3X3 Masters tournament of a busy summer. In Sporthal ‘t Wit Zand in Melsele, 37 teams showed up and battled eachother for a spot in the finals in Antwerp.

Iben Romeijnders of Antwerp Giants and Thierry Marien of BS Waregem…
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18+ Elite Men: Puus (BEL) / Ballistik (FRA) / Team Utrecht (NED) / Leadersportz (BEL)

18+ Recreational Men: Swift Sports Training (BEL) / Condors (BEL) / Red Assault (BEL) / Red Warriors (BEL)
18+ Women: Open Run VAC (NED) / No Name (GER) / Unbreakable (BEL) / Open Run Holland U18 (NED)

U18 Boys: Ball Brothers (BEL) / From Down Town (BEL)

U15: A’ Town Ballers Lars (BEL) / Lil Baller Gang (BEL) / Pleuris 3 (BEL) / Ballbro’s (BEL)

U13: The Blue Demons (BEL) / Condors (BEL) / Beavers (BEL) / Kyyoquni (BEL)

Results & full standings

[gmaps]51.2262976, 4.283333800000037, 16[/gmaps]