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Red Bull Reign is coming to 3X3 Masters!


Getting buckets and representing Belgium in Washington. You in? Red Bull Reign will give you the opportunity, if you can make it reign.

It will be a first for Belgium, but you might have already heard about Red Bull Reign. The Red Bull 3X3 competition is all about scoring as many points as you can and will be part of our 3X3 Masters tour in 2018.

Red Bull Reign?

The set-up is simple: the team which scores the most points wins. But here’s the catch: we don’t mean most points in regard to your opponent, we mean most points on average over ALL your pool phase games.

The Red Bull Reign competition is played in several countries and they all lead into 1 big final in Washington, USA.

Red Bull Reign X 3X3 Masters

Every – all Belgian – 18+ Elite Men team that plays at 3X3 Masters Zaventem, Aalst, Brussels, Kortrijk and Antwerp is participating in the Red Bull Reign competition. You read that right: only all Belgian teams (every player in the team has to hold the Belgian nationality) are allowed #sorryifyourenotBE and there’s no need to do an additional registration if you want to participate at Red Bull Reign. Just sign up for one of our tournaments in the 18+ Elite Men category and you’re in.

The top 2 scoring teams will advance to the Red Bull Reign Belgian Finals on July 28 in Antwerp.

Only points scored in the pool phase of the tournament are taken into account and in case some teams play less games than others in pool phase, we will take a look at the average points scored to determine to 2 top scoring teams.


You can participate at the Red Bull Reign competition at one of these events:

  • 3X3 Masters Zaventem – June 24
  • AWBB 3X3 Masters Jambes – June 24
  • 3X3 Masters Aalst – June 30
  • 3X3 Masters Brussels – July 6
  • 3X3 Masters Kortrijk – July 14
  • AWBB 3X3 Masters Charleroi – July 14
  • 3X3 Masters Antwerpen – July 28

The winner of the Belgian Finals will get an all-in trip to Washington, to play at the Red Bull Reign World Finals on September 15.

Make it Reign!

picture: Ryan Taylor/Red Bull Content