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We’re on the road to the 3X3 World Tour

FIBA’s 3X3 World Tour is one of the biggest 3X3 events in the world. The best of the best get together to compete. At the end, the winners get to call themselves 3X3 World Champs for one year. And the best thing of all? You could be the next 3X3 World Champ!

World Tour 1

Started from the bottom…
To get somewhere big, you have to start at the bottom as Drake puts it. In case of the FIBA 3X3 World Tour, you have to start at one of the grassroots level events (Qualifiers) and then play yourself into one of the World Tour Tournaments who are played across the globe. In 2016, the World Tour will have stops in Mexico City, Itsunomiya in Japan, Prague (Czech Rep), Lausanne (Switzerland), Debrecen (Hungary), Beijing (China), Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) and Abu Dhabi. You can check the full calendar here.

We’re very proud the 3X3 Masters Finals are a qualifying tournament for the 3X3 World Tour Tournament in Lausanne (26-27 August). So all you need to do is finish top 4 at one of our 3X3 Masters tournaments and then win the 3X3 Masters Finals to make it to the World Tour. In Lausanne, you’ll need to win to advance to the WT Final in Abu Dhabi or make sure you’re with the best teams in the overall Word Tour standing.

Birdman is considered one of the best 3X3 players in the world

Birdman is considered one of the best 3X3 players in the world

Mission Impossible?
Team Novi Sad-Al Wahda won the World Tour 2 times in a row, but had a hard time fighting off team Kranj to win their second title last year. Team Kranj, by the way, are the winners of the 3X3 Masters Finals in 2015. And if you recall anything of those finals (except for the pouring rain), you might remember some Belgian teams almost beating the Slovenians.

Anything is possible in 3X3 Basketball. We’ve seen it numerous times before: you’re up by five points and BAM-BAM-BAM. The other team goes Chef Curry from two-point land and before you know it you’re down by one. It’s a fast paced game and you always have a chance for an upset.

It other words, it’s no Mission Impossible to get into the World Tour and World Tour Finals (and getting some good money on your way).

What do you say? Are you all in for the World Tour? Start at 3X3 Masters Zaventem, Brussels or Antwerp!


Pictures by FIBA