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5 questions answered by Zaventem’s winners: ‘The Hague’

3X3 - Zaventem
Team ‘The Hague’ (18+ Men Elite)

Jeroen Van Der List
Free agent
Power Forward

Julian Jaring
Landslake Lions, the Netherlands
Small Forward

Kasper Averink
Free agent
Shooting guard/Point guard

Jan Driessen
Lokomotief Rijkswijk, the Netherlands
Power Forward

Did you expect to be the winning team of this stop in Zaventem?
Yes! We came here to win, so we did expect this to happen.

What are your expectations for the 3×3 Masters Finals in Antwerp?
We definitely want to win there. We know it’s going to be difficult but we surely want to get the ticket to go and compete in the World Tour in Prague.

What does basketball mean to you?
Everything! Basketball is more than a game. To us, it’s life.

Who’s your idol and why?
LeBron James.
He’s a great player to watch. Besides that, he’s an overall great basketball player on both ends of the floor, in defence and offence. LeBron James combines strength with intelligence, plus over the years he developed his shot from behind the arc.

‘If I wouldn’t play basketball, then…’
Jeroen: ‘nothing’
Julian: ‘athletics’
Kasper: ‘I probably would’ve end up in jail’
Jan: ‘I genuinely don’t know’