Author: benoit

The first 3X3 Masters tournament of 2017 is a wrap!

On the fifth of june, we had our first 3X3 Masters tournament of a busy summer. In Sporthal ‘t Wit Zand in Melsele, 37 teams showed up and battled eachother for a spot in the finals in Antwerp.

Iben Romeijnders of Antwerp Giants and Thierry Marien of BS Waregem won the 2K Shooting Contest in their respective categories. If you want to look back at the results and standings of the tournament, you can click here.

These teams were able to secure a spot in the Finals in Antwerp in their categories (winners in bold) :

  • 18+ Elite Men: Puus (BEL) / Ballistik (FRA) / Team Utrecht (NED) / Leadersportz (BEL)
  • 18+ Women: Open Run VAC (NED) / No Name (GER) / Unbreakable (BEL) / Open Run Holland U18 (NED)
  • U18 Boys: Ball Brothers (BEL) / From Down Town (BEL)
  • U15: A’ Town Ballers Lars (BEL) / Lil Baller Gang (BEL) / Pleuris 3 (BEL) / Ballbro’s (BEL)
  • U13: The Blue Demons (BEL) / Condors (BEL) / Beavers (BEL) / Kyyoquni (BEL)

There will not be a 18+ Recreational Men category at 3X3 Masters Finals, but these guys do deserve recognition for their play at 3X3 Masters Melsele. The top 4 teams in 18+ Recreational Men are: Swift Sports Training (BEL) / Condors (BEL) / Red Assault (BEL) / Red Warriors (BEL)

Let’s take a look at the best pictures, taken by our awesome house photographer King Chan.


  • The German James Harden found his way to the gym in Melsele.


  • Our MC Lieven again had a tough time staying away from the girls…

Our MC Lieven again had a tough time staying away from the girls...

  • Even Pau Gasol found some time to drop by in Melsele.

Even Pau Gasol found some time to drop by in Melsele.

  • When you’re finally back on 3X3 Masters ground.

When you're finally back on 3X3 Masters ground.

  • 3X3-referee Yves supports world peace.


  • Young blood Iben took away the 2K shootout trophy.





  • When you make a clear foul, but the referee missed it. 


  • Get that weak stuff out of here! 


  • Nick Celis from Oxaco and Sam Caron from Melsele going at it 1 on 1. 


  • You’re never too young to start ballin’. 



  • Good old Ian Hanavan showing off his skillset on the low block. 


  • “What do you mean ref? Foul? C’mon man!”


  • Thierry Mariën of Waregem was crowned 3-point shootout champion, with 17 3’s in 1 minute! 


  • Some strong Dutch women’s teams showed up for the tournament. 


  • When coach says ‘play with your head’ and you take things a bit too serious. 


  • Jonas Verlinden doing his best Barack Obama ‘not bad’ meme impression. 


  • Kick game strong. 


  • If we had an award for ‘best gameface’…


  • That moment when you hit the tournament-winning buzzer beater. Stijn Stevens wins it for Puus with a crazy 3.


  • The ref squad again did a fabolous job.



  • That’s some pretty strong hair gel, my man. 


  • Passion for the game.