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Best Pics of 3X3 Masters Aalst 2019

How about them onions!?

Last Sunday we held the second 3X3 Masters tournament of the year, at the Hopmarkt in Aalst.

Some 30 teams came to ball and we had a blast!

Let’s see who won in their category:

U13: 1) 2Fast2Onion 2) S4Y Rising Stars 3) Ankle Bullies 4) Swish
U15: 1) BBallers 2) Lebronto 3) The Nets 4) Team Swish
U18Boys: 1) Dynamic Trio 2) Sonics 3) Moisty 3.0
U18Girls: 1) Team Gentson 2) The Rookies
18+Women: 1) Team Troela’s 2) Als we winnen… 3) Wolfpack
18+ Recrea: 1) The Rim Reapers 2) Leuven 3) Slow Riders 4) Helios
18+Elite: 1) Team Antwerp 2) KSTBB United 3) La Freestyle Team 4) Squad Zer

Evert Van Eyck (Team Lebronto) crowned himself the Shooting Contest champ in the morning, while Thierry Mariën of Team Antwerp won the shooting contest in the afternoon.

Yona Ray a.k.a. ‘The Hair’ showed out the most hops and was named the Bouncewear Dunk Champion.

Last but not least, La Freestyle Team & KSTBB United earned themselves a spot in the Red Bull Reign Finals!

Now it’s time to check out some of our best snapshots, made by photographer Zander Meys!


DJ Dysfunkshunal providing the beats in Aalst! 

Make sure you capture the game in landscape mode!

“The Hair” floating through “The Air” for the reverse jam! 

Nice shot by our photographer Zander, looking at the game from another perspective! 

Thierry swishing one of his triples, on his way to the 3X3 Shooting Contest crown! 

He for sure got that MJ hangtime going for him!

Meet me at the rim bro! 

Have you ever seen such a cool dude as our 3X3 referee Dennis? 

Well that’s not entirely fair, is it?