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Best Pics of 3X3 Masters Antwerp/Finals

What it do babyyyyyyyyy!

We wrapped up the 2019 3X3 Masters Tour with the tournament in Antwerp, with the 3X3 Masters Finals the day after!

The rain had other plans though, as we had to shorten the program on Saturday and move everyone on Sunday to the indoor gym of the Antwerp Giants, Gasthuishoeve.

So, first we let you know who the winners of the 3X3 Masters Antwerp were:

18+ Men Elite: 1) Team Orange  2) The Pack  3) NL U18  4) Team Rotterdam OR
U13: 1) The Bouncers  2) Elite Academy  3) Phantom Cats  4) Mercurius Foxes
U15: 1) Lebronto  2) BBQ Op Veld 3  3) Young Bulls  4) NBA Youngboys
On Wheels: 1) The Ankle Breakers  2) De Jerommekes  3) Wapper 2  4) Wapper 1

Then, on to the winners of the whole thing! The 3X3 Masters 2019 winners:

U13: 1) S4Y Rising Stars  2) The Coolguys  3) The Bouncers  4) WEB
U15: 1) LeBronto Limburg  2) Quatro Fam  3) BBallers  4) Lebronto
U18M: 1) Team Amsterdam Jr.  2) Team Belgium  3) Lipton  4) Redemption
U18W: 1) Flemch  2) Redz  3) Only Once  4) Kangoeroes
18+Recr:  1) We Coming  2) Small Ball  3) The Pack  4) Splash Cousins
18+Women: 1) Wolfpack  2) Unbreakable  3) 3X3 Academy  4) The Lord of The Rims
18+Elite: 1) Team Antwerp  2) Team The Hague  3) Team Antwerp 2  4) Team Antwerp 3

Congrats to all our winners! Team Antwerp, consisting of Nick Celis, Thierry Mariën, Anthony Chada & Jonas Foerts won a ticket for the World Tour in Prague! Wolfpack with Belgian Cat Kyara Linskens won the women’s competition and did you know that Benjamin De Bodt of U15’s Lebronto Limburg won the 3×3 Masters tournament for the third year in a row? Impressive! Oh and by the way, it was high-flyer Cristiaan Grives a.k.a. Batman who won the Dunk Contest… again!

Now, let’s check out the snapshots!

That dude is about to get hit in the face by a crazy ponytail attack! 

It was at that moment he wished he hadn’t jumped…

Well, that’s an … original way of defending someone! 

There aren’t a lot of players with a prettier looking jumpshot than Anthony Chada. 

Must be nice when you can float around a rim like that…

I’m pretty sure we’re having a better angle of this out-of-bounds call than that ref over there… 

It’s not because we weren’t able to ball outside, that we didn’t have a pretty view! 

That’s how it’s done gentlemen, always treat the referee with respect! 

You really thought you could pass the Mountain of The Hague? Think again friend…

Excuse me while I have an appointment with the rim…

What’s more impressive, the dunk or the timing of Thierry and Jonas? 

Team Antwerp was the winner once again and clinched a ticket to the Prague World Tour. Congrats boys!