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Best Pics of 3X3 Masters Brussels 2019

BXL Arriiiiiiiiiiiiiiive…

We had a ball in the nation’s capital this year! What to say about the atmosphere, the players, the crowd, the music, …

Before we take a look at some of the splendid pictures, check out the winners.

U13: 1) WEB
U15: 1) Quatro Fam 2) Splash Brothers 3) WEB
U18Boys: 1) Cookies 2) Swish Gang 3) CPTR 4) Fun Guys
U18Girls: 1) Redz  2) Team Gentson 3) Only Once
18+Women: 1) SKW 2) The Air Ballers 3) Les Ginettes 4) Amigas
18+ Recrea: 1) The Pack 2) Speedy MSG 3) Recreationals 4) The Rim Reapers
18+Elite: 1) Team Brussels 2) The Hague 3) Black And White 4) Les Crosseurs de la Street

Team Brussels took the victory in the 18+ Elite category, on their own turf! Alexandre Vercoutere of Team Brussels took home the Bouncewear Slam Dunk Contest trophy. Les Crosseurs de la Street and Team Brussels qualified for the Red Bull Reign Finals!

What a privilege it was once again to ball on the beautiful ‘Muntplein’. 

That’s right momma, did you get that nasty crossover on film? 

We always ballin’ at 3X3 Maaaaaaaasteeeeeeers. 

And after this move, he had the right to yell out ‘AAAND OOOOONE’

Well, that’s an unconventional to defend the basket, but if that works for you … 

Aaaaaall byyyyyyy myyyyyyyseeeeeellllffffffff

Shout out to Belgian Cat Laure Resimont who came to ball and helped her team to victory! 

Nope, he’s not lost. That’s freestyler Soufiane Bencok doing his thing before the crowd!

Did someone get this guy’s autograph? We need it to print on them postersssss… 

Stunning view over the Muntplein by our photographer Serch Carriere.

We had a real dunk-off in the Dunk Contest, check out this one…

But this guy took home the crown; with the Eastbay dunk! 

In the end, Team Brussels came out on top against favorite The Hague. Much to the delight of the crowd…