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Best pics of 3X3 Masters Brussels

Maaaaan, 3X3 Masters in Brussels was lit AF! Not only did we see some great 3X3 games, but we had dance-offs, the best football freestyler in Belgium dropping panna’s – we see you Kadhafi – and a new BX Dunk Champion. In case you missed it, #serchcarriereimages got you covered. We got some of his best pictures right here, but if you wanna see more go check out the full album on Facebook.

Before we get to the pictures, here are some take-aways of the tournament.

Tournament winners:

  • U15: 1. Ute Fam  2. BC Leuven  3. Bum Ass Warriors  4. ADMG Team
  • U18 Boys: 1. Big Three  2. Home Team Hoops  3. 6K Team  4. Cousinsisasnake
  • 18+ Men Recreational: 1. LTN Connection  2. Gladiators  3. Red Assault  4. RD96
  • 18+ Men Elite: 1. Must Defend Right  2. Letsgetit  3. Antwerp  4. Succes Story

Red Bull Reign winners:

Team Antwerp proved to be the best scoring team once again as they emerge as the early favorites to take home the Red Bull Reign crown on July 28 in their hometown. Succes Story was the 2nd best scoring team in pool phase and will bring some heat to the Belgium Red Bull Reign Finals without a doubt.


NBA 2K Shoot Out Contest winner: 

Sam Kaminksi of team Big Three was taking his shot at the NBA 2K Shoot Out and nailed it. Guess shooters gonna shoot!

Spalding Dunk Contest winner:

Ladies and gentlement, we got a new Dunk Champ! Bastien Motte took on reigning champ Kevin Tshupula in a spectacular Spalding Dunk Contest. He had to dig deep in his bag of tricks but managed to squeeze out the win by dunking over a table while grabbing the ball from his teammate laying on top of it. Don’t worry, we got the picture if you don’t get it.

Mean face game on point!
Best pics_1



Who got buckets?

Best pics_2


Everything is more fun when you hashtag it #sportersbelevenmeer…

Best pics_3


BX Crowd got eyes on everything!

Best pics_4


We have no idea what’s going on here

Best pics_5


When I say jump, you say ‘how high?’!

Best pics_6



Rehydration is key!



Sometimes, you need a different perspective…

Best pics_7


When you realize, you’re on a poster…

Best pics_8


Baller baby coming soon.

Best pics_9


Always a good thing when Belgian Lion Loïc Schwartz pulls out the ‘Three Bow & Arrow’

Best pics_10


When you’re in a Dunk Contest and you know you’ve killed it:

Best pics_11




And then this happens:

Best pics_12



See you all in Kortrijk on July 14th, the last stop before we head to Antwerp! Sign up for Kortrijk closes on Wednesday July 11 at 23:59!