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Best Pics of 3X3 Masters Knokke-Heist

What’s up y’all!

Last weekend we had our fourth stop of the Summer Tour, this time on the Belgian Coast, in Knokke-Heist.

As the weather Gods had other plans, we had to look for a safer option, being the local gym ‘de Stormmeeuw’.

Too bad, but we had some nice pictures anyway! But first, let’s check out the winners:

U13: 1. The Cool Guys  2. Ankle Bullies  3. The Friends
U15: 1. Team Magic 2. The Savages 3. Air Max
U18 boys: 1. Basketschool Oostende 2. De Koele Jongens 3. JJB 4. La Famillia
18+ Elite: 1. Klutch 2. Boerenbasket 3. The Goonies 4. GG
18+ Recreational: 1. Small Ball 2. Niels is een balletje 3. Ghetto Hustlers 4. Eeklo Village Boyz
18+ Women: 1. De zussen & Elise 2. Unbreakable 3. The Lord of The Rims 4. Splash Sisters

The winners of our Spalding Shoot-out contest were Matteo Verstraete in the morning and Jules Robijns in the afternoon. Aaron Verstraete crowned himself the Dunk Champion, and Boerenbasket & Spie Got Game qualified voor Red Bull Reign!

Now, let’s take a look at the pictures!

When you have to share your basketball with your little brothers. 

In this week’s episode of ‘Meet me at the rim’…

When the ref is about to hit you with the DAB…

Now that’s what we call a jumper… 

Oooooh, he lost him with the spin moooove…

For the second week in a row, we got to welcome a Belgian Cat, this time: Heleen Nauwelaers (and sisters).

Do you guys notice anything here? All I can see is an empty bench… 

Oh lord… Poster alert! 

When your opponent already knows your shot is not going in… 

That’s cute Lieven… 

Aaron won the dunk contest with a repertoire of dunks! Congrats man!