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Best Pics of 3X3 Masters XMAS 2018

Jingle Balls… Jingle Balls…

3X3 Masters XMAS Edition returned to Park Spoor Noord in 2018 for some basketball!

Our house photographer, Serch Carriere, was in the building to capture some moments for us and, as we like to do, we went out and selected some of the best pics of this year’s edition.

But first, these were the teams who won in their respective categories:

U15: 1) Elite Nation  2) Antwerp Big 3  3) GMDT
U18 Boys: 1) Giants Nation  2) Alpha Gang  3) Shooting Stars
18+ Recreational: 1) Tomy La Morphine  2) LTN Connection 2.0  3) Cereal Killers
18+ Women: 1) The Spartans  2) BBC Deinze (U15)  3) $hoalin
18+ Elite: 1) BlackandWhiteMambas  2) Supahotfire  3) Fresh Air

Milan De Clercq of Falco Gent & Shooting Stars was our proud winner of the NBA 2K Shootout, as he received a brand new Playstation Pro console.

Up to the pictures!


I’ll leave it up to you guys: you think this is a foul or nah? 


When starting a drive to the basket, always attack your defender on his close-out foot: exhibit A. 


They say Christmas time is a time of giving, but my man here is just not that into Christmas I guess! 


Have you seen the newest scoreboards? They come with a human head to check out the game in the best possible way. 


This guy pulled out the rare Nate Robinson jersey. 


When the ref yells out “The floor is lava!”, you gotta improvise! 


When you take a shot like this, you have two options: You either yell out DIRK or KOBE! 


This guy going for the ‘Kareem Abdul-Jabbar hook shot’! 


DJ Dysfunkshunal oversees the playing courts while doing his magic on the decks! 


Sharpshooter Milan took away the Playstation Pro after nailing 9 triples in 30 seconds! 


Finally, also a shout-out for all the ladies who showed up to ball out! You were awesome!