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Best Pics of 3X3 Masters Zaventem 2019

Aaaaaaaaand the first one is a wrap!

No less than 60 teams signed up for the 3X3 Masters tournament in Zaventem, which made it arguably the biggest opening tournament of the 3X3 Masters tour ever!

As always, Serch Carriere Images provided the beautiful action pictures, before travelling to Serbia to accompany our Belgian Cats. Check out some of them, below the results:

U13: 1) Los Amigos, 2) Raja Team, 3) SBBK Ballers
U15: 1) True Ballers, 2) New Jersey, 3) GRDT, 4) Boxing Out
U18 Girls: 1) Team Gentson, 2) Redz, 3) Kangoeroes, 4) Flemch
U18 Boys: 1) GSG Academy, 2) Lipton, 3) Unicorn Fam, 4) Jellyfam Anj
18+ Women: 1) Team Belgium, 2) Girls on Fire, 3) 3X3 Academy, 4) Rookies
18+ Recreational: 1) We Coming, 2) Couch Potatoes, 3) 21 Repz, 4) 4 Nations
18+ Elite: 1) Team Antwerp, 2) Antwerp Hotshots, 3) Les Petits Gros, 4) Apollo Antwerp

It was Jilan Lamrini (U18 Boys) who proved that he was the best sniper in the field, winning the shooting contest in the morning.

The Bouncewear Dunk Contest was decided between the big boys and in the end it was big guy Mattias Palinckx (Les Petits Gros) who took home the crown.

Now check out our pics!


Not sure what those two defenders on the left are doing… Are you? 

Does anyone need more proof that being a photographer is a very dangerous job? 

What do you think about that follow-through? Does it go in? 

How to fake out a defender for dummies

Aaaaaargh scream young fella! The sweet taste of victory! 

If you look closely, you will find a rare species of the dab-floater. 

Get that weak stuff out of here!!

Floatin’ it up like Kyrie… well, except the braid. 

You might be a cool guy, but you will never be as cool as our courtmoni’s. 

Team Antwerp took home the 1st prize with the 18+ Elite Men.