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Best Pictures of 3X3 Brussels 2020

Aaaaaaaay Brussels.

After a couple of years playing on het Muntplein, this year’s location was in front of the Koning Boudewijnstadium, home of the Red Devils.

Let’s check out the teams who won their respective categories!

U15: Oostende-Donza – U.C.K.L.E. Europe: 10-8

U18 Boys: 467 – Slam & Splash Fam: 3-11

U23 Men: U23 Team Antwerp – She Belongs to the Streets: 8-9

18+ Women: Streetcats (U18) – Team SKW: 7-5

23+ Recreational: Cripple Double – 100 Gram Perdje: 7-4

23+ Elite: Team Antwerp – Bielefeld: 21-11


Big up to our Shooting Contest winners, Aris Illondo (U23) & Jordy Scheltens (Recreational)!

Now, moving on to the best pictures of 3X3 Masters Brussels:

Do we have a poster alert over here?! 

Nope, my friend, your road to the rim ends here…

Well damn! These guys both have an appointment with the rim I guess..

The swish… one of the prettiest sights and sounds in basketball…

Well, if Foerts drained this one, that would be one hell of a facewash.

One of the more important rules in 3X3: always check ball! 

Team Antwerp took home the prize in the 23+ elite category. 

And what about these girls?! The U18 Streetcats winning it all in the 18+ women category!