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Best pictures of 3X3 Masters Aalst

We got a sweet taste in the Ajuinenstad last weekend. Hot too. But no sweat went unnoticed through the lens of photo-phenomenon Serch Carriere and we selected some of his – and your – best shots.

But first, let us announce the winners of the tournament and the teams that got their Golden Ticket to the 3X3 Masters Finals:

  • U13: 1) We love this game 2) Girl Skwad 2 3) Girl Skwad 1
  • U15: 1) BC Leuven 2) Jellyfam 2.0 3) Aalstars 4) Hoopfam
  • U18 Boys: 1) Who’s next? 2) Appelflap 3) Jellyfam 4) Panters
  • U18 Girls: 1) Flemch starring BC 2) The Splash Sisters 3) 2Cute2Be Cheerleader
  • 18+ Women: 1) Partysquad 2) Slow Motion 3) De Visjes 4) 4 kinds of trouble
  • 18 + Men Recreational : 1) United 2) Helios 3) Donkey Ballers 4) Sint-Anna Bricks
  • 18+ Men Elite: 1) The Chiefs 2) Team Morichar 3) Deli 4) Tomahawk

The top 2 scoring teams in the 18+ Men Elite pool phase advance to the Red Bull Reign Finals on July 28, so congrats to The Chiefs and Tomahawk!

The best shooters of the day were Roel Bucumi in the U13/U15 category and Maxime Depuydt in the U18/18+ category. They both won the NBA 2K Shoot-out Contest by making it rain.

Next up in the winners list: Osias Apedzeagbo got the victory at the Spalding Dunk Contest. Hops by the dozen!

Ready for some pics? We gotcha!

You HAVE to pose when you hit game winners.



We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: shooters gonna shoot!



When Reign and Rain are the same…



More game winners?






First come, first served!



When you just woke up after a huge hangover and realize you’re at 3X3 Masters…



Hi there!



Screaming is *not* mandatory.



When you’re trying to figure out which one is Joeri and which one is Joren…



All smiles when the weather is right.



When you’re balling but the DJ puts on Fat Joe’s ‘Lean Back’…


You can find the full album on our Facebook page, right here.

See you next weekend in Brussels – Saturday at Place de la Monnaie!