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Best Pictures of 3X3 Masters Hasselt

We made our way to the ‘Burg!

This year 3X3 Masters added a stop in Limburg, Hasselt to be exact! It was a hot day of hoops and we selected some of the best pics!

But first, let’s check out who came up with the victories on Saturday:

U13: DRSN Hoops – Team Stars 5-4
U15: Hoop Angels – Shooting Stars 4-10
U18 Boys: Hympala – Slam & Splash Fam 8-10
U23: Optimum Athletes – 3&D 14-5
+23 Recreational: Barneveld – Open Run Papa 9-12
+23 Women: 3X3 Academy – Unbreakable 13-9
+23Elite: Team Antwerp – Bielefeld 13-10

Now; on to the pictures!

Peace to you too, Mr. referee! 

Thank God for our baller crew, who are always there to make sure the tournament goes as planned.

TikTok dances are taking over the world! 

Perception is everything! 

DJ Dysfunkshunal on the decks! 

Talking about a finger roll right here.. hopefully he made it!

Just remember: when you’re down, there’s always a teammate to pick you up! 

I think she misread the memo, when we said everybody had to wear their mask…

Back to back finals for Team Antwerp & German Bielefeld. Back to back winners too.