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Best pictures of 3X3 Masters Zaventem 2018

Hiiiii fella’s

The 3X3 family landed in Zaventem on Sunday June 24 for the second stop of the 3X3 Masters Tour 2018. Place to be was Kerkplein, located in the centre of Zaventem. Basketball, beats and summer vibes were mixed up into a cool and urban streetbasketball event.

These were the results of the day. Those teams made it to the semi-finals in Zaventem, which means they got the ticket to the big Finals in Antwerp (29/07):

  • U15: 1) De Coole Jongens 2) Lipton 3) BC Leuven 4) Jellyfam
  • U18 Boys: 1) Giantsnation 2) Swoosh Nation 3) Optimus Dime 4) La Famillia
  • U18 Girls: 1) Flemch 2) The Splash Sisters 3) Jetsuni
  • 18+ Women: 1) The Spartans 2) The Haachtse Ladies 3) Mix Mania 4) Pablo Escoball
  • 18+ Men Recreational: 1) LTN Connection 2) Ball don’t lie 3) Brodiessss 4) Doenderland
  • 18+ Men Elite: 1) The Hague 2) Antwerp 3) Mamurna Jutra

The winners of the NBA 2K Shooting Contest are:

  • U15: Jonas Speltinck
  • U18 and U18+: Quinten Smout

Walid Hicham was supreme in the Spalding Dunk Contest, so he deserved to win and take home his price.

Last – but certainly not least – team Antwerp & Ball don’t Lie qualified as first team ever to the Belgian Red Bull Reign Finals, to be played on July 28 in Antwerp. The highest scoring teams of our tour in the Men category will play the Belgium Red Bull Reign Finals with grand prize a ticket to the Red Bull Reign Finals in Washington, DC! Make it Reign fella’s.

Have a look at some high-profile photos of the 3X3 Masters in Zaventem, taken by the best photographer in the world Serch Carriere.

When you’re driving and just can’t resist the camera…

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What happens when you score an epic game winning buzzer beater…

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When the rim can’t handle your strength…

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See you all in Aalst on June 30th! (Sign up closes on Wednesday 27 at 23:59)