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Interview with Maxime Depuydt, winner of the NBA 2K Shootout & player of “The Chiefs” winning team in 18+ elite men in Aalst

Maxime Depuydt


Maxime Depuydt

Limburg United (Euromillions basketball league)

Shooting Guard


Did you expect to win this tournament in Aalst with your team “The Chiefs”?

Yeah, we definitely came here to win. As you could have seen, it was a bit difficult but eventually we could take the win by scoring a buzzer beater.


Why do you think your team came out first? What are the strenghts of your team?

Our team is very strong and powerfull. We’re in a very good physical shape, which makes winning a 3×3 tournament much easier.


What are your teams ambitions for the Finals in Antwerp?

We definitely want to win the Finals, simple as that!


Who is your idol?

Kobe Bryant, in my opinion he’s an unbelievable player. There is nothing he can’t do!


What if you wouldn’t play basketball?

Well, I have a degree in physical education. So if I wouldn’t play basketball then I probably would be a physical educator. Becoming a physical educator is still an option after I finish my career ON the court.