This is it! The road ends here!

The 3×3 Masters in Antwerpen & the Finals the day after put an end to out 2020 Summer Tour!

We can assure you that the event went according to the safety precautions!

We made our way to the ‘Burg!

This year 3X3 Masters added a stop in Limburg, Hasselt to be exact! It was a hot day of hoops and we selected some of the best pics!

But first, let’s check out who came up with the victories on Saturday:

U13: DRSN Hoops – Team Stars 5-4
U15: Hoop Angels – Shooting Stars 4-10
U18 Boys: Hympala – Slam & Splash Fam 8-10
U23: Optimum Athletes – 3&D 14-5
+23 Recreational: Barneveld – Open Run Papa 9-12
+23 Women: 3X3 Academy – Unbreakable 13-9
+23Elite: Team Antwerp – Bielefeld 13-10

Now; on to the pictures!

Peace to you too, Mr. referee! 

Thank God for our baller crew, who are always there to make sure the tournament goes as planned.

TikTok dances are taking over the world! 

Perception is everything! 

DJ Dysfunkshunal on the decks! 

Talking about a finger roll right here.. hopefully he made it!

Just remember: when you’re down, there’s always a teammate to pick you up! 

I think she misread the memo, when we said everybody had to wear their mask…

Back to back finals for Team Antwerp & German Bielefeld. Back to back winners too. 


Aaaaaaaay Brussels.

After a couple of years playing on het Muntplein, this year’s location was in front of the Koning Boudewijnstadium, home of the Red Devils.

Let’s check out the teams who won their respective categories!

U15: Oostende-Donza – U.C.K.L.E. Europe: 10-8

U18 Boys: 467 – Slam & Splash Fam: 3-11

U23 Men: U23 Team Antwerp – She Belongs to the Streets: 8-9

18+ Women: Streetcats (U18) – Team SKW: 7-5

23+ Recreational: Cripple Double – 100 Gram Perdje: 7-4

23+ Elite: Team Antwerp – Bielefeld: 21-11


Big up to our Shooting Contest winners, Aris Illondo (U23) & Jordy Scheltens (Recreational)!

Now, moving on to the best pictures of 3X3 Masters Brussels:

Do we have a poster alert over here?! 

Nope, my friend, your road to the rim ends here…

Well damn! These guys both have an appointment with the rim I guess..

The swish… one of the prettiest sights and sounds in basketball…

Well, if Foerts drained this one, that would be one hell of a facewash.

One of the more important rules in 3X3: always check ball! 

Team Antwerp took home the prize in the 23+ elite category. 

And what about these girls?! The U18 Streetcats winning it all in the 18+ women category! 

What is goooood ballers!

2020 hasn’t been the best year yet, but we’re trying to make up for that with the start of our 3X3 Masters Tour! Last weekend, we had our first tournament at the coast, in Knokke-Heist to be exact!

First of all, let’s take a look at the teams who came up victorious on sunday.


  1. Open Run Rookies 2. Tigers 3. Boom Shaka Laka 4. Guco


  1. Orange Elite Black 2. Born 2 Ball 3. GSGA 4. Oostkamp


  1. Filou Oostende 2. 2V Youngboys 3. 9K 4. SFG


  1. Kobe is the goat 2. Buckets Belgium 3. Kaloud Team 4. Ypres Lions

18+ Women 

  1. 3X3 Academy 2. Team SKW 3. Open Run Peugeots 4. Chicks Got Game

23+ Men Recreational

  1. Baltimore 2. Brugge Bearknights 3. Out of Range 4. Brèninge

23+ Men Elite

  1. Swish Brussels 2. Der Stamm 3. Limburg United  4. 99 Problems


Also, shout out to Daan Pauchet (U18) & Daphne Van Dessel (18+) for winning the JBL Shooting Contest! They had their eyes on the prize!

Now, let’s check out some of the best pictures of our tournament in Knokke-Heist!

Hats off to these ladies reppin’ the ‘Black Lives Matter’ jerseys! 

Yes, you got that right! Belgian Cats Julie Vanloo & Kyara Linskens were teamed up in Knokke-Heist! 

Not sure what’s happening here… Did he just jump over that guy?! 

Shout out to our new sponsor JBL for pimping the shooting contest! 

This guy is getting triple-teamed… in a 3X3 tournament

All our courtmoni’s were wearing a facemask, as a precaution for the Coronavirus. 

A charge? A block? A simple case of ‘get in the weight room’? 

Our DJ was rocking the Black Mamba shirt! R.I.P. Bean! 

What it do babyyyyyyyyy!

We wrapped up the 2019 3X3 Masters Tour with the tournament in Antwerp, with the 3X3 Masters Finals the day after!

The rain had other plans though, as we had to shorten the program on Saturday and move everyone on Sunday to the indoor gym of the Antwerp Giants, Gasthuishoeve.

So, first we let you know who the winners of the 3X3 Masters Antwerp were:

18+ Men Elite: 1) Team Orange  2) The Pack  3) NL U18  4) Team Rotterdam OR
U13: 1) The Bouncers  2) Elite Academy  3) Phantom Cats  4) Mercurius Foxes
U15: 1) Lebronto  2) BBQ Op Veld 3  3) Young Bulls  4) NBA Youngboys
On Wheels: 1) The Ankle Breakers  2) De Jerommekes  3) Wapper 2  4) Wapper 1

Then, on to the winners of the whole thing! The 3X3 Masters 2019 winners:

U13: 1) S4Y Rising Stars  2) The Coolguys  3) The Bouncers  4) WEB
U15: 1) LeBronto Limburg  2) Quatro Fam  3) BBallers  4) Lebronto
U18M: 1) Team Amsterdam Jr.  2) Team Belgium  3) Lipton  4) Redemption
U18W: 1) Flemch  2) Redz  3) Only Once  4) Kangoeroes
18+Recr:  1) We Coming  2) Small Ball  3) The Pack  4) Splash Cousins
18+Women: 1) Wolfpack  2) Unbreakable  3) 3X3 Academy  4) The Lord of The Rims
18+Elite: 1) Team Antwerp  2) Team The Hague  3) Team Antwerp 2  4) Team Antwerp 3

Congrats to all our winners! Team Antwerp, consisting of Nick Celis, Thierry Mariën, Anthony Chada & Jonas Foerts won a ticket for the World Tour in Prague! Wolfpack with Belgian Cat Kyara Linskens won the women’s competition and did you know that Benjamin De Bodt of U15’s Lebronto Limburg won the 3×3 Masters tournament for the third year in a row? Impressive! Oh and by the way, it was high-flyer Cristiaan Grives a.k.a. Batman who won the Dunk Contest… again!

Now, let’s check out the snapshots!

That dude is about to get hit in the face by a crazy ponytail attack! 

It was at that moment he wished he hadn’t jumped…

Well, that’s an … original way of defending someone! 

There aren’t a lot of players with a prettier looking jumpshot than Anthony Chada. 

Must be nice when you can float around a rim like that…

I’m pretty sure we’re having a better angle of this out-of-bounds call than that ref over there… 

It’s not because we weren’t able to ball outside, that we didn’t have a pretty view! 

That’s how it’s done gentlemen, always treat the referee with respect! 

You really thought you could pass the Mountain of The Hague? Think again friend…

Excuse me while I have an appointment with the rim…

What’s more impressive, the dunk or the timing of Thierry and Jonas? 

Team Antwerp was the winner once again and clinched a ticket to the Prague World Tour. Congrats boys! 

What’s up y’all!

Last weekend we had our fourth stop of the Summer Tour, this time on the Belgian Coast, in Knokke-Heist.

As the weather Gods had other plans, we had to look for a safer option, being the local gym ‘de Stormmeeuw’.

Too bad, but we had some nice pictures anyway! But first, let’s check out the winners:

U13: 1. The Cool Guys  2. Ankle Bullies  3. The Friends
U15: 1. Team Magic 2. The Savages 3. Air Max
U18 boys: 1. Basketschool Oostende 2. De Koele Jongens 3. JJB 4. La Famillia
18+ Elite: 1. Klutch 2. Boerenbasket 3. The Goonies 4. GG
18+ Recreational: 1. Small Ball 2. Niels is een balletje 3. Ghetto Hustlers 4. Eeklo Village Boyz
18+ Women: 1. De zussen & Elise 2. Unbreakable 3. The Lord of The Rims 4. Splash Sisters

The winners of our Spalding Shoot-out contest were Matteo Verstraete in the morning and Jules Robijns in the afternoon. Aaron Verstraete crowned himself the Dunk Champion, and Boerenbasket & Spie Got Game qualified voor Red Bull Reign!

Now, let’s take a look at the pictures!

When you have to share your basketball with your little brothers. 

In this week’s episode of ‘Meet me at the rim’…

When the ref is about to hit you with the DAB…

Now that’s what we call a jumper… 

Oooooh, he lost him with the spin moooove…

For the second week in a row, we got to welcome a Belgian Cat, this time: Heleen Nauwelaers (and sisters).

Do you guys notice anything here? All I can see is an empty bench… 

Oh lord… Poster alert! 

When your opponent already knows your shot is not going in… 

That’s cute Lieven… 

Aaron won the dunk contest with a repertoire of dunks! Congrats man! 

BXL Arriiiiiiiiiiiiiiive…

We had a ball in the nation’s capital this year! What to say about the atmosphere, the players, the crowd, the music, …

Before we take a look at some of the splendid pictures, check out the winners.

U13: 1) WEB
U15: 1) Quatro Fam 2) Splash Brothers 3) WEB
U18Boys: 1) Cookies 2) Swish Gang 3) CPTR 4) Fun Guys
U18Girls: 1) Redz  2) Team Gentson 3) Only Once
18+Women: 1) SKW 2) The Air Ballers 3) Les Ginettes 4) Amigas
18+ Recrea: 1) The Pack 2) Speedy MSG 3) Recreationals 4) The Rim Reapers
18+Elite: 1) Team Brussels 2) The Hague 3) Black And White 4) Les Crosseurs de la Street

Team Brussels took the victory in the 18+ Elite category, on their own turf! Alexandre Vercoutere of Team Brussels took home the Bouncewear Slam Dunk Contest trophy. Les Crosseurs de la Street and Team Brussels qualified for the Red Bull Reign Finals!

What a privilege it was once again to ball on the beautiful ‘Muntplein’. 

That’s right momma, did you get that nasty crossover on film? 

We always ballin’ at 3X3 Maaaaaaaasteeeeeeers. 

And after this move, he had the right to yell out ‘AAAND OOOOONE’

Well, that’s an unconventional to defend the basket, but if that works for you … 

Aaaaaall byyyyyyy myyyyyyyseeeeeellllffffffff

Shout out to Belgian Cat Laure Resimont who came to ball and helped her team to victory! 

Nope, he’s not lost. That’s freestyler Soufiane Bencok doing his thing before the crowd!

Did someone get this guy’s autograph? We need it to print on them postersssss… 

Stunning view over the Muntplein by our photographer Serch Carriere.

We had a real dunk-off in the Dunk Contest, check out this one…

But this guy took home the crown; with the Eastbay dunk! 

In the end, Team Brussels came out on top against favorite The Hague. Much to the delight of the crowd…

How about them onions!?

Last Sunday we held the second 3X3 Masters tournament of the year, at the Hopmarkt in Aalst.

Some 30 teams came to ball and we had a blast!

Let’s see who won in their category:

U13: 1) 2Fast2Onion 2) S4Y Rising Stars 3) Ankle Bullies 4) Swish
U15: 1) BBallers 2) Lebronto 3) The Nets 4) Team Swish
U18Boys: 1) Dynamic Trio 2) Sonics 3) Moisty 3.0
U18Girls: 1) Team Gentson 2) The Rookies
18+Women: 1) Team Troela’s 2) Als we winnen… 3) Wolfpack
18+ Recrea: 1) The Rim Reapers 2) Leuven 3) Slow Riders 4) Helios
18+Elite: 1) Team Antwerp 2) KSTBB United 3) La Freestyle Team 4) Squad Zer

Evert Van Eyck (Team Lebronto) crowned himself the Shooting Contest champ in the morning, while Thierry Mariën of Team Antwerp won the shooting contest in the afternoon.

Yona Ray a.k.a. ‘The Hair’ showed out the most hops and was named the Bouncewear Dunk Champion.

Last but not least, La Freestyle Team & KSTBB United earned themselves a spot in the Red Bull Reign Finals!

Now it’s time to check out some of our best snapshots, made by photographer Zander Meys!


DJ Dysfunkshunal providing the beats in Aalst! 

Make sure you capture the game in landscape mode!

“The Hair” floating through “The Air” for the reverse jam! 

Nice shot by our photographer Zander, looking at the game from another perspective! 

Thierry swishing one of his triples, on his way to the 3X3 Shooting Contest crown! 

He for sure got that MJ hangtime going for him!

Meet me at the rim bro! 

Have you ever seen such a cool dude as our 3X3 referee Dennis? 

Well that’s not entirely fair, is it?

Aaaaaaaaand the first one is a wrap!

No less than 60 teams signed up for the 3X3 Masters tournament in Zaventem, which made it arguably the biggest opening tournament of the 3X3 Masters tour ever!

As always, Serch Carriere Images provided the beautiful action pictures, before travelling to Serbia to accompany our Belgian Cats. Check out some of them, below the results:

U13: 1) Los Amigos, 2) Raja Team, 3) SBBK Ballers
U15: 1) True Ballers, 2) New Jersey, 3) GRDT, 4) Boxing Out
U18 Girls: 1) Team Gentson, 2) Redz, 3) Kangoeroes, 4) Flemch
U18 Boys: 1) GSG Academy, 2) Lipton, 3) Unicorn Fam, 4) Jellyfam Anj
18+ Women: 1) Team Belgium, 2) Girls on Fire, 3) 3X3 Academy, 4) Rookies
18+ Recreational: 1) We Coming, 2) Couch Potatoes, 3) 21 Repz, 4) 4 Nations
18+ Elite: 1) Team Antwerp, 2) Antwerp Hotshots, 3) Les Petits Gros, 4) Apollo Antwerp

It was Jilan Lamrini (U18 Boys) who proved that he was the best sniper in the field, winning the shooting contest in the morning.

The Bouncewear Dunk Contest was decided between the big boys and in the end it was big guy Mattias Palinckx (Les Petits Gros) who took home the crown.

Now check out our pics!


Not sure what those two defenders on the left are doing… Are you? 

Does anyone need more proof that being a photographer is a very dangerous job? 

What do you think about that follow-through? Does it go in? 

How to fake out a defender for dummies

Aaaaaargh scream young fella! The sweet taste of victory! 

If you look closely, you will find a rare species of the dab-floater. 

Get that weak stuff out of here!!

Floatin’ it up like Kyrie… well, except the braid. 

You might be a cool guy, but you will never be as cool as our courtmoni’s. 

Team Antwerp took home the 1st prize with the 18+ Elite Men. 


Jingle Balls… Jingle Balls…

3X3 Masters XMAS Edition returned to Park Spoor Noord in 2018 for some basketball!

Our house photographer, Serch Carriere, was in the building to capture some moments for us and, as we like to do, we went out and selected some of the best pics of this year’s edition.

But first, these were the teams who won in their respective categories:

U15: 1) Elite Nation  2) Antwerp Big 3  3) GMDT
U18 Boys: 1) Giants Nation  2) Alpha Gang  3) Shooting Stars
18+ Recreational: 1) Tomy La Morphine  2) LTN Connection 2.0  3) Cereal Killers
18+ Women: 1) The Spartans  2) BBC Deinze (U15)  3) $hoalin
18+ Elite: 1) BlackandWhiteMambas  2) Supahotfire  3) Fresh Air

Milan De Clercq of Falco Gent & Shooting Stars was our proud winner of the NBA 2K Shootout, as he received a brand new Playstation Pro console.

Up to the pictures!


I’ll leave it up to you guys: you think this is a foul or nah? 


When starting a drive to the basket, always attack your defender on his close-out foot: exhibit A. 


They say Christmas time is a time of giving, but my man here is just not that into Christmas I guess! 


Have you seen the newest scoreboards? They come with a human head to check out the game in the best possible way. 


This guy pulled out the rare Nate Robinson jersey. 


When the ref yells out “The floor is lava!”, you gotta improvise! 


When you take a shot like this, you have two options: You either yell out DIRK or KOBE! 


This guy going for the ‘Kareem Abdul-Jabbar hook shot’! 


DJ Dysfunkshunal oversees the playing courts while doing his magic on the decks! 


Sharpshooter Milan took away the Playstation Pro after nailing 9 triples in 30 seconds! 


Finally, also a shout-out for all the ladies who showed up to ball out! You were awesome!