Well, ‘we’ as in ‘you’ actually. You made it. Or better yet, you CAN make it. To the Olympics that is.
That’s right, you read it right: 3X3 can get you to the Olympics.

3X3 olympics

The IOC (the International Olympic Committee) decided that 3X3 Basketball will be included in the program of the Olympics in 2020 in Tokyo. They will add 16 teams (8 men + 8 women) as a second basketball discipline, next to 5X5 Basketball.

So, what does this have to do with you? EVERYTHING!

You are the reason 3X3 made it to the Olympics. Playing 3X3, creating your official 3X3 Planet account, means you’re part of the ever-growing 3X3 Family. Playing at 3X3 Masters is just the first step into the path to the Olympics. It might be a far-fetched dream, but 3X3 literally can get you from the streets to the Olympics.

So go ahead and play lot’s of 3X3. Maybe one day you’ll get to represent your country on the world’s biggest stage.

BTW, you can sign up for one of our tournaments right here :-)

Our photographer King has an eye for detail and a quick click. Let’s check out the best pics he took during our summer tournaments. What’s your favourite?

1. Team Foerts

It’s always fun around with Mr. Foerts and his squad. He was repping the Belgian team at the U20 European Championship this summer and made sure y’all knew about it with his team wearing his jersey at 3X3 Masters Antwerp.



2. Superman flying high

When you got hops like this. You’re top 10. Period.



3. When you can’t believe what you just saw…



4. Chicks got game

Points for being regulars at 3X3 Masters, points for the smiles, points for their game and extra points for the message these chicks are sending. And yes, that is Belgian Cat Julie Vanloo right there.



5. 3X3 Masters is…

…where Team Belgium meets the local guys, where an upset is never too far away, where you and I play. We see you Leroy & Marcus!



6. Nice glasses bruh!

How ’bout those shades huh? Golden glasses for the teams that are making it to the Finals! Rock ’em like a rockstar.



7. Gameface ON!

Best. gameface. ever.



8. Shoes are overrated

Who needs shoes to compete at the Shoot-Out?



9. Future stars putting in work. 

We just love young ballers at 3X3 Masters. The future shines bright for those who put in the work.



10. They go hard, every time.

And that’s why they are wearing ‘Best Crew Ever’ t-shirts.




EXTRA: The ‘Oeh-this-is-too-hard’- face of Nick G.

This one is too funny. It just had to be in this list. Sorry Nick.



EXTRA: On a date?

The smiles, holding hands, Titanic-like staring into the sky… If we didn’t know any better, we’d say it’s a date between Jonas Foerts and Thierry Marien right there.


EXTRA: What’s up dog? 


You might remember Marjorie Carpreaux pulling out some slick passes at 3X3 Masters Zaventem, playing for Team Belgium. Well, she did the same thing at the FIBA 3X3 European Championship Qualifier in Amsterdam last week. Handles so sweet, FIBA had to make a highlight mixtape about it.

In life, just as in a ball game, things don’t always go as planned…

We had some bad news earlier this week from the city of Kortrijk. Seems like our venue for 3X3 Masters Kortrijk isn’t available on July 9th because of other activities. It’s like you’re about to give an assist, but the other team steals the ball. Kinda like #10 on this highlight list:

You get the point here: Malone blocked the lay-up after the ball was stolen. So the good news is: 3X3 Masters in Kortrijk will be played 2 weeks later, on July 23. The venue remains Veemarkt.

You have 2 more weeks to sign up! Let’s do this!

MC Lieven is pulling some serious trick shots out of his sleeve in this video. Prove you can do better and win some cool prizes!


  • Create a video of your trickshot
  • Upload the video on Facebook or Instagram BEFORE July 10th or send us your video via
  • Tag #3X3Masters in your video or comment
  • Sit back and relax

    Make sure your video is creative and original. The more dificult the trickshot is, the more points you score!
    All video’s will be carefully watched and judged by our expert Thierry De Ridder. He will announce the winner on July 11th.


  • Free registration for your team at one of our 3X3 Masters Tournaments (5x)
  • VIP treatment at the 3X3 Masters Finals (3x)
  • Beats by Dre headphones (1x)

  • There is no shortage of things to see at 3X3 Masters. Besides 3X3 Basketball, there are side contests, short animations, spontanious dance-offs, a crazy MC hopping around… The list goes on. And still, there are some players that draw a bit more attention than others. If they step on court, the crowd watches their every move. Here are 5 players to watch at 3X3 Masters:

    1. Leroy Anthonis

    It’s hard to not see Leroy at our tournaments. Standing a notch above the rest with his 2m05 and the wingspan of an airplane there’s a potential blockparty at every game he plays. Together with his Under Armour team, he has won multiple 3X3 Masters events and it earned him the #1 spot in the official Belgium FIBA 3X3 Rankings and #405 in the World.

    under armour

    Leroy (middle) with his Under Armour buddies Enoch Derby (left) and Barry Dictus (right)

    Leroy has been part of the 3X3 Belgian Lions at the 2014 European Championship, where Belgium finished 6th place. He will be a 3X3 Belgian Lion again this year when they play the 3X3 European Championship Qualifier in Poitiers, France on July 1-2.

    See Leroy’s 3X3 Planet profile


    2. Julie Vanloo

    Julie Vanloo needs no introduction. She’s a badass Belgian Cat, with moves that make you think of White Chocolate (for those who don’t know White Chocolate, watch this video). Besides the anklebreakers, no-look and behind-the-back passes, Loewie hits lots of floaters and knocks down the occasional threepointer. In other words, she’s a nightmare to defend on court.


     Julie at the NBA 2K Shoot Out Contest at 3X3 Masters X-mas

    She’s been playing at 3X3 Masters since the early days and hasn’t stopped to amaze us. If you wanna see her in action, look for the Chicks Got Game team, with Astrid Roekens, Lara Moucheron and Karen Hendrickx. Or just follow the ooohs and aaaahs.

     See Julie’s 3X3 Planet profile

    3. Gilles Matho

    Gilles Matho popped on our radar a few summers ago. Coming all the way from Verviers, Gilles uses 3X3 Masters to test his new freestyle moves and mess around with his defenders. It’s easy to recognize the often-sleeved streetballer rocking his mohawk and colourfull personality. Don’t underestimate his basketball skills though. Gilles has a quick first step and a high floater to beat his opponent and isn’t too shabby with his passing-skills either.

    DSC_5673 (LQ)

    Gilles busting moves at 3X3 Masters Kortrijk last year

    in Team Blockbuster is where you’ll find Gilles, playing all over Belgium, the Netherlands and even Switzerland. Make sure to check some of his highlights on his Facebook page, they might come in handy if you ever meet him on court.

    See Gilles’ 3X3 Planet profile

    4. Zachary Ouango 

    Zachary Ouango is one of those players who you just need to keep an eye on at all times. Explosive, athletic and rim-rocking are 3 words that fit him well. Zac was one of the most entertaining players at our tournaments last year, playing at Kortrijk, Leuven and the X-mas edition in Antwerp. He has been pretty successfull too, winning the Dunk Contest at Kortrijk, the tournament at Leuven and the 3X3 Masters title in the U18 category at the X-Mas Finals.

     Zachary OuangoAlways look for the lob when Zac’s around

    Playing alongside other high-flyers, the teamname AirAfrica suits them well. Let’s see if the highlight-reel continues this year…

    See Zachary’s 3X3 Planet profile

    5. You

    That’s right! We always have an eye for nice moves, crazy shots, winning-streaks and good hustle plays. So go ahead and sign-up for one of our tournaments and make sure you’re noticed. MC Lieven hands out random MVP-honours at all 3X3 Masters events, it’s your time to get one!

    You know us, we like to throw it back once in a while… Have a look at our favourite pics from last years 3X3 Masters. These might put a smile on your face.

    1. Are you serious? 

    We’re not sure why the guy in the blue shirt is looking like that at Jonas Foerts. Maybe he’s impressed by Jonas’s shooting ability, or maybe he’s just trying to read what’s on his shirt. It’s SuperSwaggyEspiallyMoelek. Don’t know…

    IMG_2656 LQ

    2. Air Jordan at 3X3 Masters

    His Airness is everywhere, even at 3X3 Masters. A great impersonation and great timing by our photographer King, don’t you agree?

    2 LQ


    3. Swaggy likes what he sees

    The smile on his face says it all.



    4. Truth…

    … is on the back of t-shirts! We love the message that is being spread at 3X3 Masters.



    5. Referees fist-bump too

    You know how it goes. Sun is shining, we’re ballin’, the beats are dropping, sunglasses come out and before you know it: FISTBUMP!

    9 LQ


    6. There is some Chef Curry in all of us

    These girls were rocking the MVP’s shirt. They were ballin’ like him too.



    7. Because Dance-Offs happen

    And usually, MC Lieven is part of them.



    8. Chicks got game

    Playing professionally in Sweden, key player of the Belgian Cats and a regular at 3X3 Masters. We love everything about Julie Vanloo’s game and I guess it’s safe to say she usually has a good time with us too.



    9. What’s your move?

    Cross-em-up-style is the best way to describe Gilles Matho’s style. Nobody knows which move he’ll pull out of his sleeve next, neither did his defender in this pic.


     10. What are you doing?

    All in 1 tournament, same dude twice. Are you kidding me?



    11. Up and down

    It doesn’t mean you’re down when you’re down. Frank Senior just pulled off one of his crazy dunks and fell after slammin it home. He jumped right up after this pic was taken and took the Dunk Contest with him.

    IMG_2401 LQ


    12. When talent meets talent…

    … you get great basketball. This was a great game between two talented young teams in the U15 category. Guess who won?

    Gent 1


    13. One too many

    We had a serious Dunk battle at 3X3 Masters Kortrijk last year. Dunking over 5 people standing was one too many for Zac, but he still took home the crown.

    DSC_6808 LQ


    14. Part of the team

    Don’t you just love how this kid is cheering for his team? Hands in the air if you’re locked in with your team, even when you’re on the bench.

    14 LQ


    15. Because Swish happens

    And then you keep your pose. Well duh…

    13 LQ


    FIBA’s 3X3 World Tour is one of the biggest 3X3 events in the world. The best of the best get together to compete. At the end, the winners get to call themselves 3X3 World Champs for one year. And the best thing of all? You could be the next 3X3 World Champ!

    World Tour 1

    Started from the bottom…
    To get somewhere big, you have to start at the bottom as Drake puts it. In case of the FIBA 3X3 World Tour, you have to start at one of the grassroots level events (Qualifiers) and then play yourself into one of the World Tour Tournaments who are played across the globe. In 2016, the World Tour will have stops in Mexico City, Itsunomiya in Japan, Prague (Czech Rep), Lausanne (Switzerland), Debrecen (Hungary), Beijing (China), Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) and Abu Dhabi. You can check the full calendar here.

    We’re very proud the 3X3 Masters Finals are a qualifying tournament for the 3X3 World Tour Tournament in Lausanne (26-27 August). So all you need to do is finish top 4 at one of our 3X3 Masters tournaments and then win the 3X3 Masters Finals to make it to the World Tour. In Lausanne, you’ll need to win to advance to the WT Final in Abu Dhabi or make sure you’re with the best teams in the overall Word Tour standing.

    Birdman is considered one of the best 3X3 players in the world

    Birdman is considered one of the best 3X3 players in the world

    Mission Impossible?
    Team Novi Sad-Al Wahda won the World Tour 2 times in a row, but had a hard time fighting off team Kranj to win their second title last year. Team Kranj, by the way, are the winners of the 3X3 Masters Finals in 2015. And if you recall anything of those finals (except for the pouring rain), you might remember some Belgian teams almost beating the Slovenians.

    Anything is possible in 3X3 Basketball. We’ve seen it numerous times before: you’re up by five points and BAM-BAM-BAM. The other team goes Chef Curry from two-point land and before you know it you’re down by one. It’s a fast paced game and you always have a chance for an upset.

    It other words, it’s no Mission Impossible to get into the World Tour and World Tour Finals (and getting some good money on your way).

    What do you say? Are you all in for the World Tour? Start at 3X3 Masters Zaventem, Brussels or Antwerp!


    Pictures by FIBA

    winter basketball 2

    Dear U13, U15, U18 & 18+ Women teams who qualified for the 3X3 Masters Finals

    As you know, we weren’t able to play the 3X3 Masters Finals as planned due to the rain on Saturday July 25th. As true ballers, a lot of players and teams let us know they really want to play, no matter when or where.

    We have been looking for a new date and location, talked to a lot of players & clubs and decided to… PLAY THE 3X3 MASTERS FINALS DURING THE CHRISTMAS BREAK!

    Here’s why:

  • We couldn’t find any good date/location available in the first 2 weeks of August.
  • 90% of the players are currently training and playing 5X5 in their clubs. We don’t want you to miss club activities, preparation games or cup games with your 5X5 team.
  • There are (almost) no official games planned from 21/12 until 30/12. Perfect time to have some fun on the 3X3-court.

  • What you need to know about the 3X3 Master Finals Christmas Edition:

  • The exact date & location (Antwerp region) will be announced as soon as possible.
  • All teams that qualified (top 2/4 of each tournament), will be re-invited.
  • The same rules apply: you can change max. 2 players from the team that originally qualified.
  • Off course, we’ll play indoor!

  • Let’s do this!

    Full list of teams who will be invited:

  • U13: Hoopsquad, Splashmoney, The ballers, Finger Roll, Strikers, Alley Oops, Team Showtime 2, Shuffled, The nasty ballers, Warriors, Getwood City, The Cavs, The Kings of Basket, BCO Summer Team, Helios U13, The Montois, Skilzzz, Team Showtime, The Young Ballers, Young Rockets, Helios Zottegem, HBBC Boys, Streetballers
  • U15: Euro Step, GreenGang, TTB, Driver Seat, The Monstars, It’s all about buckets, Bucket Team, From Down Town, A-town Ballers, Armenomy, Bavi Ballers, Cleveland, Bball Kings, Green Gang, Shake and Bake, Tomahawk, Shift Team, The Three, Deez Nuts, GSGA, Helios, Junior Dream Team, Alcade
  • U18 Girls: Ballerinas, Belgium National Team, Jordan & co, Young Blood, De Kleppers, De Planten, 3X3 NL Squad Cirkel Klein, L-Stars, Triple Threat
  • U18 Boys: ThiPiSi, GreenGang, Smokin Trees, Excelsior, Playground Masters, QQRT, Teameat, BBC Alley, BCO-ballers, Born-Ballers, Rose before hoes, A-towns Finest, BX Spartians, Team JBK, Team Springschool, AirAfrica, Antwerp, Bounce, Playground Master, The Splash Brothers, Team Farmville, Tres, 3X3 NL Team U18, La Team, White Bullets, A-town’s finest
  • 18+ Women: Trap Queen, Chick Curry, Chicks Got Game, Fantastic Four, Nokia 3310, 32+, Phantoms, 2 hot 2 play ball, Sayameso, Nothing but Nets, Peak Sports, Dope, Duva Diva’s, Fantastic Three, Firegirls, Black Nila, Rocket Power, Fantastic Four, Team Little, Rocketpower, 3X3 NL Mockingjays, 3X3 NL Inglorious Ballers, Taking a break
  • We had a good time

    Host Swaggy Lieven had an even better time

    Zac dominated the Dunk Contest

    Well, he KILLED it!

    The NBA Legends Drill was demonstrated by MC Lieven

    But Leroy said no:

    Jérémy took home the NBA 2K Shootout trophy yet again

    Just like Vrenz did earlier

    Read all about the tournament here